Things You Can Do with Sigils

I often get the question, “What can I do with a sigil?” So, I thought I would write up a list of all the things you can do with sigils, and I invite you all to add to the list in the comments!

So first, let me point out that you need to first imbue to sigil with the proper intent before you do anything with it. If it’s protective, make sure you’re thinking of protection while you’re drawing/creating the sigil. If it’s a mild curse you’re putting in your ex-in-law’s house, do that beforehand.

Now onto the list of the many things you can do with sigils. Let’s inspire one another.

  • Carve them into wood, stone, metal, or clay.
  • Print them or draw them. Feel free to laminate them.
  • Put them above doorways and windows for protection or good luck.
  • Use them as a focal point for meditation or ritual.
  • Wear or carry them for guidance, luck, protection, strength, influence etc… Some common methods: Wear as a necklace or charm. Keep in your wallet, purse, briefcase, bag. Keep in your left shoe, or wear against your left breast. Carry in your jacket or stitched into your clothing. Some people in the modern era may even wear clothing or carry everyday items with the sigils printed on them. Or they’ll create stickers or clings to place the sigils on various items from computers to rolling luggage.
  • Include them in artwork and crafted items.
  • Place them behind mirrors to turn the mirror magickal and use it for scrying or to boost the confidence of whoever looks into the mirror.
  • Keep them in the car for protection.
  • Keep a bowl of clay or metal cast sigils in the house and pull one whenever you need advice or insight. See Sigillum Diaboli as a guide for divining with Daemonic sigils.
  • Put them beneath your pillow, mattress, or bed to induce psychic dreams.
  • Paint the sigils on gifts or household items to turn them into something magickal for yourself or others.
  • Draw them on petitions to the Divine.
  • Use them as offerings to the Divine.
  • Put them on ritual tools to dedicate the tool to a specific divine intelligence.
  • Tattoo the sigil of your matron or patron on yourself to mark yourself as a dedicant. (Don’t do this unless you’re 100% certain you wish to be a dedicant to that spirit.)
  • Place sigils in strategic places to give you an edge, curse your enemies, or to uncover secrets (i.e. under your boss’s desk with a little tape, in your friend’s house under the dining room table, inside and under a cabinet in your mother-in-law’s house.)
  • Draw it on an envelope for correspondence to get a favorable reply.
  • Visualize it, or draw it in the air with your finger over an email to get a favorable response.
  • Trace it in the air over items and people as a blessing of that spirit.
  • Create your own personalized sets of sigils using automatic writing/divination and ascension sessions. It’s quite common for Daemons to give magicians very personalized sigils that connect the magician to the spirit.
  • Create sigils (using your own or established symbol sets) that hide important information, recipes, or even whole rituals within them. Basically, turn them into ciphers that only the initiated can decode. ( See Alchemy of Goetia – releasing March 2024 ) to see this in action.
  • Give sigils themselves as gifts to other magicians for healing, prosperity, or just general ritual use etc…

What ideas do you have?

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