Readings & Magickal Work

Each of our readers/providers offers something unique so you’re sure to find a reading to meet your specific needs.

S. Connolly  – Is a Daemonolatress (HP, HLP) who does general tarot, Lenormand,  reads natal charts for magickal markers, does full natal and transit reports, and does Daemonic based readings. She also offers Magical Work, Coaching and Mentorship. Currently scheduling Summer 2024 but Emergency Readings available. (Has been offering services on this site since 2010. 0 Unresolved Complaints.)

Shaelyn Grey – Is a Daemonolatress (HP, HLP, SP), Empath, and professional reader who uses cards and sigils to read for you. She also offers magical work. (Has been offering services on this site since 2018. 0 Unresolved Complaints.)

Page last updated: 6/15/22 – FD

Qualifications to be listed as a service provider on this website:

  1. Must be a Seminary trained member of the Traditional Demonolatry Clergy, which means you must also be registered as clergy within a traditional group/temple/order that is part of the GenDemGroup.
  2. Since we do not charge a monthly fee to be listed on this site, we do require that all providers be contributors to the blog on a monthly basis. That means you must contribute 1 article a month to the website in exchange for your listing.
  3. You know that by being added, you can be removed as a provider at any time by the GenDemGroup council and webmaster, Frank Domovoi, as they see fit. Usually unresolved complaints are required.

Why are we doing this? We have enacted these new qualifications (as of January 1, 2022) for quality standards of care. It is important to us that our providers know how to properly provide spiritual guidance and counseling to clients, and it is important for our magicians to treat magical work as a spiritual service and provide proper spiritual aftercare and follow-up with communication to those who are purchasing magical services. Clergy are trained to do this. Many non-clergy magicians and readers are not.

If you have a complaint (or praise) about a provider, please contact Frank at demonolatry . org @ gmail . com (remove spaces).