I offer two types of coaching. The first is for esoteric writers and creative entrepreneurs along that vein who are looking to go into the publishing field full-time. The second is Daemonolatry/Spritiual coaching. Coaching costs $300.00 an hour and you can order coaching here. Most people only require an hour of personal coaching for smaller goals and information needs, up to 9 sessions for bigger life changes and goals. It is recommended you have all the questions and topics you want to cover with you at your first coaching session so we can get straight to work and make the most of your time.

Some example situations as to why you might order a coaching session:

  • Manuscript evaluation and content editing (there is an additional reading fee for the manuscript – contact me for more information.)
  • You are getting ready to do a huge, life changing ritual, and you want to talk it through with a traditionally ordained Hekau Lector Priest. (Kasdeya Rite of Ba’al, a Goetia Immersion, Work with Sorath or Zagan, etc… you get the idea.)
  • You are taking the plunge into something big and are seeking spiritual or practical advice.
  • You are starting your own business or launching your career as an author.
  • You want to pick my brain about magick or Daemonolatry.
  • You want an evaluation on your personal practice and ideas on how to tweak it.
  • You want to bounce some ritual/spell ideas off of someone more experienced. Or you need help creating a spell or ritual for a specific purpose.
  • You need to talk about your pathworking and shadow work with someone.
  • You need someone to cheer you on and help boost your confidence, while helping you gain the skills you need to reach your full potential as a Daemonolatry magician, writer, or entrepreneur.


Please note that I also offer different types of consultations through the online store. Including Magickal Work and Reading Consultations for those who want to hire me to read for them, or do magickal work for them. There are email consultations and face-to-face consultations. Please be sure to choose the right consult. If you’re confused or need help, please email [email protected]


We need to talk about mentorship. I have said time and time again that I do not take on private students because I already have my hands full with everything else I do. Usually, when people want mentorship, they basically mean that they want someone to answer their questions at their beck and call, tell them stuff so they don’t have to read it or do the work/research themselves, and validate all their experiences while walking them through every single step of every process while reassuring them that it’s okay and they’re doing great. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting this, it takes A LOT of time. Time that I don’t usually have because I’m too busy working my normal jobs (writing, taking care of coaching and reading clients, and helping to run the family business). I’ve also been burned in the past by people I’ve mentored because there wasn’t a professional distance. Charging for mentoring establishes that professional distance. My rate for mentoring is the same as my coaching rate, which is $300.00 an hour. You can order a mentor session here.

That said – if all you’re looking for is learning Daemonolatry and taking some classes, my books and being a $5 a month member over on my Patreon offers far more bang for your buck. And I will answer your questions in that forum.