Dark Purification Ritual

What is the most important ritual to you? 

I have to say it is a purification ritual.  There are many types of rituals out there, and all of them can be placed in their own categories.  Majority of those rituals are for action around the user, but a purification ritual focuses with the magick user him/herself.

A purification ritual can last a few minutes to even up to 3 days and beyond.

I’ll give you a small “Urban” purification one can easily do within the walls of your apartment or home, or even on the roof of an apartment.  This is at your own pace, it can be fast or slow has you want it.

Darkness comes and it comes for me  

( Eyes Closed, Arms Spread wide and feet spaced out)  ( Envision the Cloth of Darkness Covering you, feel it’s weight wrap around you) … imagine it blocking the outside world from you…

Cover me and dismantle me 

(Eyes Closed, bow head, feet together arms crossed over heart)( Feel the cloth bind you, restrain your emotion and mind) …  imagine what is troubling you, your problems, sadness, anger….

Break me 

( Kneel down to one knee, both hands to the ground) ( You complete a power circuit with the Earth)

With Stone, Breath, Flame,  and Blood    ( What was told to me Stone = Bone, Breath = Life Breath, Flame = Spirit, and Blood = Life .. What I later interpret to myself has elemental connections  Stone/Earth, Breath/Air, Flame/Fire, Blood/Water.. But I’m sure you the reader can make some sort of connection with that statement…  )    ( Imagine your body infuse with the Earth, your breath to the Earth, Your connected with the Earth)

Bury me and leave me

(Both knees on the ground, arms extended on the ground with head resting on ground,  similar to  a yoga pose called The Child pose)  (Feel the weight of everything leave you into the Earth)

Silence and Begone 

(Stand up at your own pace and walk away)


There has been many modifications to this ritual. And one step was removed.. Before Bury me and leave me, a step called   With Scourge and Smoke Cleanse Me!  ( This step was used for two people, the person who is being cleansed and another person who is the Darkness or the Dark Mother) The smoke was white sage or any other cleansing smoke and the Dark Mother hitting the person with a scourge until the person choices to go into the Bury me and Leave Me pose .. It is felt that this goes into some sort of S&M ideal, but it doesn’t.   I feel that this is a vital step, actual physical pain, but some people might freak over it..


5 thoughts on “Dark Purification Ritual

  1. dl

    I feel you are right in the sense that people too often go for the action workings and/or incorporate purification rites in the intro to a working. I like this approach and sets the stage for greater work, as well as grounds the magi.

  2. demi

    well i am going to do this ritual and i really want to know that how do you know if it has worked thanks?

    1. Bluemidknight

      Everyone is different.. With me, I get cold and a jolt down my spine, sometimes the world is silent or muffled like I’m underwater…
      Usually different temperature feelings, some say hot, some say they feel the air pressure grow heavy, or just overall peaceful feeling

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