DB Publishing News & Updates

agaresDB Publishing has many books forthcoming, but since our authors tend to write on Daemonic inspiration instead of deadlines, all we can say is “forthcoming”.

For the next 21 days only, get the hardcover Infernal Colopatiron (2016 Leviathan Edition) for $30. After October 31, it goes out of print again.

New from S. Connolly: Book of Agares: A Manifestation Grimoire

Have you ever wished you could have a single talisman or magickal item that you could use to bring about success in every area of your life? Something that would bring your magick to full manifestation? In this book, author S. Connolly will guide you in the creation of this valuable tool with the help of Agares (and other Daemons if you wish). With step-by-step instructions, you’ll have a powerful tool at your disposal to bring you love, money, career prospects, and even self-discovery and growth. Learn the power of the written word with Book of Agares.

Small book – big results.

ebook  |  Paperback    Also available on Nook and from Barnes & Noble or wherever you buy books (armed with the ISBN)!