GUEST POST: My Daemonolatry Journey

This is a Guest Post Written by Ange Ferude.  I want to thank Ange for being so understanding about my oversight in posting this. It was supposed to go up in late July and I dropped the ball. Sorry about that Ange. To our regular readers, please enjoy the guest post!  – Steph


Greetings, fellow Demonolators. I will say I am still rather new to this. I only really grew into Demonology and Demonolatry sometime in 2013. I believe it was in early October, the very start of when I truly got into it, especially spiritually. I shall tell my story of how I reached this path for me.

We are all familiar with the Demons that we revere, and know that there are many more who do not understand what we do. I was one of those, like a lot of others. When I was younger, one of the beings I learned of and liked were demons. Never saw any of them being all “evil” nor all “good”.

However, back when I was a Catholic, I was taught about demons being “evil”; and all that not to like nor trust them. I was not like my family though, whom were the Catholics that thought me to be as well. I did not actively practice, and I didn’t see all demons as being “evil”. I even made characters for mini stories I’d write on occasion, ones that were demons that were to prove that not all demons are bad. I believed a majority of them were cruel, but that some were not.

Eventually, I announced to family that I was not a Catholic. I was Agnostic. I could not decide if I believed in a god, more than one god, or any god at all. However I believed in spirits, in souls, ghosts, and demons. For some reason, it was hard to believe in the existance of angels, and it is still hard to. I am not sure why, but I have had trouble believing in angels for a long time. I felt demons were much more common and likely to encounter and exist, and perhaps were what people mistook for angels. Still, this was years back, when I believed a majority of demons were cruel.

Then one night, I had a dream of Lucifer. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what he looked like, but I knew it was him. He came to me, and asked that I learn about him. To get to know who he is as a being in different perspectives. There was no forcing behind it, he was not demanding it, and nothing bad would happen if I decided not to look into what he asked. It was a simple thing he wanted, one that could really change the matter of one’s perspective and views. His voice was soft, and sincere too. And he was basically asking for me to give him a chance, thus with that, give other demons a chance as well. That is how I took it at least.

I can only think of a few reasons why I would have this dream. You see, for a few years while being Agnostic, I looked at many other different kinds of religions. Different forms of Paganism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Satanism of different forms; to name a few. So while I did not fully trust demons at the time, I still did look into Satanism and even Luciferianism years to months before the actual dream itself. The fact though, that I looked for other religions or just plain Spirituality without being religious, showed how I wasn’t satisfied with what i called myself in terms of faith and spiritual paths. No matter what I looked at, I was not able to feel I “belonged” in any of these groups. And that’s what kept me searching. It’s not that I needed to, because I don’t have to belong to any group; but I wanted to. I’ve never been completely sure on why, but the best guess I can make is I wouldn’t feel “complete” if I did not find something.

Another reason could be that I never actually saw Lucifer or Satan as truly “evil”. I felt that he was misunderstood, and was given a bad reputation not of his choice. In some way, I felt a lot of demons were misunderstood, and so I made characters to represent said misunderstandings, to show that that’s what it all was, misunderstandings. Looking at it in certain ways, it is quite common that people assume all bad things are done in by demons, while all good are made by angels. Is that really true? A majority of people, who believe in these things, think it is. It is not fair to assume it that way though, in my opinion. Even I did not automatically think a bad occurence is caused by a demon on a spiritual level of belief. From the perspective of my spiritual understanding there are different types of spirits, all possessing different types of energies, from positive to negative; and light to dark.

The fact that I already held what would be considered, odd beliefs and strange ways of thinking compared to the “norm”, it could have been one of many triggers to the dream. Either way, I did do as Lucifer asked, and from then on, I looked on more into demons and their relations to the world. I looked at the common Christian perspective, as well as a more neutral, or a demon worshipper’s perspective.

For awhile, I went purely into looking through topics on Theistic Satanism, but was not completely satisfied to call myself a Satanist. Still, I looked more into it, then came across Demonolatry. Specifically, I came across this very site you are reading from. I looked at it a few times, but only in 2015 did I look through a lot more of it. And since my studies into Demonology, my newest goal on the spiritual level, is to be a real Demonolator. Though, I still have much to learn, I feel, and so it doesn’t feel right to call myself a true Demonolator just yet.

Since the time of my first dream with Lucifer though, I’ve had more dreams with demons throughout the months and years after. But I have also had real life experiences with demons, I feel. Specifically, I have encountered eight or nine other different demons, though I am unsure if I have interacted with Beelzebub or Verrine. It’s a feeling I have, but not absolute certainty. Either way, the Demons that have visited me are the ones whom offer and wish to work with me in the future, and me to feel it is those specific ones I wish to work with.

In the end, it is a certainty that ever since the first dream I had of Lucifer, my interest and perspective of Demons has truly changed. It is something I’d like to continue to learn more of, and hopefully one day fully practice with. Currently, my living situation really pulls down what I can and can’t openly do, but I’ve been able to do a few things privately, such as pray. So I am satisfied with this, and believe I was meant to get into Demonolatry, with the help of Lucifer opening me up to it fully.

Now I understand Demons a lot better, and I respect them more. I thank them for making this possible for me, guiding and watching over me, and for their protection. I hope I can make them proud, and strengthen bonds that can be made. With that, I hope you enjoyed reading this. It is my first time making a blog to public like this, I hope it did good for the audience.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May Lucifer light your path and Satan give you strength. Naamah.  – Ange

3 thoughts on “GUEST POST: My Daemonolatry Journey

  1. SHM

    That was areal story, not made up. I dated various women years ago who all were Catholic grown. Each one had different reasons for leaving the church or, lifestyle. People will go around and around until they find that place of being, knowing our “true self” and a pathway more clear that it almost appears to be not real, yet, we do Know it is real, life with ourselves and those around us each day of life.

    Take care!

  2. Ronald

    Personally speaking, I believe that humanity subsists within a dual universe of “good” (life enhancement) vs. “evil” (life exploitation) life/anti-life as it were. I also believe that this dual universe can be correctly described as a “vampire” realm because of it’s undeniable inherent food chain wherein the stronger prey upon the weaker, characterized typically by viscous predatory hunting down followed by eating alive of victims. In this light, exactly what is the relationship between demons and humans? Are demons somehow exempt from the primal necessity of obtaining their life-sustaining energy, whether from corporeal human or animal resources? If not, then is it possible that demons wish to interact with humans so as to extract a portion of a human host’s vitality? If so, then is such an exchange balanced by some advantage equally applied to the human host? In other words, is this a mutually beneficial equation? Is this a fair trade? If demons also crave sustenance, as do all beings, whether 3D or beyond, in what manner is demonic hunger fed? I am only an insatiably curious being who is attempting to look at both sides, the demonic and the human, to decide if demonic/human interface is desirable from the human point-of-view.

    Is God willing to prevent evil, but unable?

    Then he is not omnipotent.

    Is he able, but not willing?

    Then he is malevolent.

    Is he able and willing?

    Then whence cometh evil?

    Is he neither able or willing?

    Then why call him God?

    .:Epicurus:. Greek Philosopher 341-270 BCE

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