In Search of Demonic Possession

Infernal Greetings to All …


Welcome to March and this month’s topic, Demonic Possession. This is a rather difficult topic to write about since nobody seems to agree what exactly it is or if it is real at all. I have read everything from psychologists that feel it is nothing more than a severe form of mental illness or schizophrenia to religious zealots that think everyone from Adolf Hitler to Marilyn Manson are possessed. I know that all the way back to Sumerian times around 4500BC the concept of spiritual possession was recorded in their history. It appeared here and there in various cultures but really found its home in the judeo-christian religion.  There is a ton written by both secular and religious people on the topic and I won’t go into much detail since it is rather boring unless you have a sense of humor.


It probably would have remained a dusty old biblical concept if it hadn’t been for Hollywood in the 20th century. I am not forgetting some of the really interesting pieces of literature and artwork that have surfaced in the last 2000 years since all of the biblical myths were written, but it is hard to find somebody in this country that hasn’t seen or at least heard of “The Exorcist”. The extreme music world, especially Heavy Metal, has used the theme of Demonic Possession frequently also. Another area that you can find Demonic Possession is in many role-playing games and some of the modern horror fiction being written.


I have read all that is written in the CBOD about the subject and it seems to be pretty close to how I feel. In my experiences with the Demonic I have never felt any malevolence or had anything ever attempt to take over my senses or mind. But, this still does not mean it is impossible. I have never seen a UFO or little green men but after all I have read I do believe that something is out there.  I have also seen a great deal of religious strangeness (stigmata, speaking in tongues, levitation) but once again not in person just in literature and video. By now it must be obvious that I tend to be a realist and look at many things logically. The good thing is that I am always open to being proven wrong and I really enjoy surprises.


I would like to ask anyone that has a similar point of view (or thinks I am wrong) to post their ideas and share what this topic means to them. Most of what I know about Demonic Possession came from books and I would really like to hear from someone with a more personal point of view on this topic.


Until next month (I Promise).


In Darkness We are United …


Devil Murdock


2 thoughts on “In Search of Demonic Possession

  1. dl

    When I was in the Horn of Africa for a year, the locals did have cases of spiritual possession where a spirit of group would posses someone. Then demand a festival type of rite before it would leave. Working with a local shaman, the possessed would demand a goat from a certain area or color, a type of drink, and often speak in the language or dialect from a certain area, usually not far from the place of the possessed. This was common from what our interpeter told us and he had witnessed a couple. Again, along with you I had not while I was there. But the possession was far from demonic, it was just spirits with unfinished business or wanting to party one last time.

  2. Cryptikro

    I for one do not include this as a ‘demonic possession’ but more as an agreement with the spirit I met with when I was little. I have been influenced by a daemon in which I spoke words that were not my own (pretty much just blurted out a sentence or two and felt the energy of the thing that usually hangs around me and knew that I wasnt the one saying it) however there is a large difference in my book between the modern day hollywood expression of demonic possession, upon my studies I have realized that while alot of it IS in the psychological stand point there are other things that influence it. thus if you have a weak will or just simply allow it to happen it may or may not happen due to what the spirit or entity wants.

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