July Manifests

Welcome to July 2011! First some DB Publishing news.  First, DB Publishing is seeking submissions for a new book called My Name is Legion: For We Are Many. Here are the Guidelines.

Next, DB Publishing has officially announced its acquisition of a new book about Demonolatry by Gynna Nichols (a QA guide for beginners) slated to be published next year.

This month, our contributors talk about Daemonic Manifestation. See the home page for the blogging schedule, or feel free to subscribe by e-mail or through RSS or Networked Blogs to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Now that summer is here so many groups are performing their rites to Flaros and the Asmodai. Fire festivals abound and I wish all of my brethren good tidings and a glorious summer and hope that wonderful things manifest for you and yours this July.

Until the next update, I remain,

Frank F. Domovoi

1 thought on “July Manifests

  1. Benson Phillip Lott

    I would like to thank Mr. McGreggor and Mr. Connolly for their fantastic, highly informative books on Satanism. I have been seeking books like these for years without much success until discovering DB and it’s authors. I, myself am a writer (mainly of fiction; children’s book and horror – a strange combination I know) and I am also a Satanist (not of any particular type, more a bit of them all). I would love to contribute to your publishing house, but sadly I still no so little (though I plan to read every last one of all your author’s works ASAP) and, as I said, I deal mainly with the entertainment-value of daemons and the daemonic. But I do plan to insert Satanic truths into all my future stories. So the more information you put out the more I will absorb and put to good use (assuming I continue getting publisher’s attention – I have a new story due out in December, a short/horror to be included in the 9 tales to Tell in the Dark series by Brideofchaos.) Anyway, my point is, I am extremely grateful to you and your authors (those I’ve read so far) and I plan to remain a loyal fan/reader for years to come.

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