June 2021 Tarotscope

Welcome to the June 2021 Tarotscope!

Are you intrigued by the Thoth Tarot deck but puzzled by its surrealistic symbolism? Then let me introduce you to a modern reinterpretation of the Thoth system, the Urban Tarot. Here, artist Marie Brennan updates the classic Thoth imagery to relocate it to an American metropolis. Luckily, readers need not live in the United States to appreciate the Urban Tarot’s charm. The landmarks and characters Brennan chose manage to strike a universal appeal — as long as you’re comfortable with urban living! This deck isn’t for those who feel we must flee the city to find our power, or who believe we must only seek nature in the woods. It emphasizes that both magick and the untamed elements are wide awake within our city landscapes. My lone complaint is that the Swords lean far closer to dream-like visuals of the original Thoth deck, which may make that suit more difficult to interpret for some readers. However, printed keywords help as a starting point. Call me sacrilegious, but I find myself picking up the Urban Tarot more often than Harris and Crowley’s traditional Thoth deck as days go by.

Center: 8 of Wands (All Signs). Clockwise from Top Left: Hanged Man (Aries), High Priestess (Taurus), Princess of Cups (Gemini), Prince of Wands (Cancer), Eight of Swords (Leo), Prince of Cups (Virgo), Hierophant (Libra), Aeon (Scorpio), Prince of Disks (Sagittarius), Prince of Wands (Capricorn), Five of Swords (Aquarius), Five of Wands (Pisces).

All cards – Eight of Wands – Swiftness – This card may depict a bicycle rushing forward, yet decisions in June must not be made in haste. Choices surround you this month, with everyone offering a different opinion on the path you should take. But another option remains! Keep your eyes on the road and continue pedaling. Handle one bump at a time, and don’t judge your mileage against that of anyone else. This is your journey. You are in charge of planning the rest-stops, not anyone else.

Aries – The Hanged Man – This deck uses the urban landscape as our symbolic backdrop and roadmap. The Hanged Man suggests you have your map for June turned upside down, Aries. You need to tackle the situation that has stumped you with fresh eyes and unlearn what you think you know. Let go of your sense of expertise. It may feel like a blow to the ego, but you’ll grow into an even greater knowledge about yourself and the world around you if you explore the problem like an amateur.

Taurus – The High Priestess – When the Eight of Wands presents a multitude of choices to all signs, you are tasked with turning inward to make your decisions, Taurus. Outside options and opinions will assail you in June. Trust in yourself and listen to your inner needs and desires when it comes to making these important choices. Now is a time for meditation and reflection. They will guide you towards your next destination at the pace appropriate for you.

Gemini – Princess of Disks – The Kindergarten Teacher – In this deck, the Princess of Disks nurtures and protects small, growing things – physical or not. This card implies a new beginning of some sort this month, Gemini. A fresh opportunity requires your guidance to reach its maximum potential. Be gentle and attentive, but give it room to sprout. As they say, from acorns spring mighty oaks.

Cancer – Knight of Wands – The Rockstar – A flurry of ideas has got you creatively fired up this month! Concentrate on just one, Cancer, and your pure charisma will open enough doors to smooth the way to success. Yet be careful that your energy doesn’t burn out as quickly as your interest was initially sparked. The Knight of Wands is built entirely of flame. If you’re pushed to continue a project you no longer care for, your temper will flare.

Leo – Eight of Swords – Interference – As with all signs, an abundance of choice surrounds you this month, Leo. However, although the others have continued to progress despite their decision-making, you have given up all forward motion to examine the fine details. The question is, are you truly finding problems or trying to stall? There comes a point when the only person arguing is you. 

Virgo – Prince of Cups – The Film Maker – Like most movie directors, you would rather watch and control the action this month than engage with it. When decisions must be made in June, you will find it far easier to provoke others into expressing their thoughts and feelings than state your own. Some may call that manipulative even as they admire your ability to get to the heart of the matter. All makers must eventually confront their work, Virgo, and you will be forced to face your emotions by month-end.

Libra – The Hierophant – This card signals that an organization of some sort has taken control of your life this month, Libra. While this card seems religious at first glance, the Hierophant represents institutions and dogma of all types. Being part of any group can have its good and bad sides. Take the time this month to fully explore the advantages offered to you, and watch out for drawbacks, obvious or otherwise.

Scorpio – The Aeon – Although Crowley renamed this card Judgement, much of its original meaning remains. A heavy question arrives on your doorstep this month, Scorpio. By what acts and deeds do you want to be known? In June, defining the legacy of your future self plays to great importance. What you do now will help shape who you will become — and even the lives of those after you. Weigh your options wisely.

Sagittarius – Prince of Disks – The Day Trader – You’re all business this month, Sagittarius, but for good reason. You have your eye on the prize. Just think of what you can do when this job is complete! Just remember: all work and no play mean no play-mates, either. Try to stay connected to your loved ones in June. You may be thinking money, money, money, but a part of you knows this work is also for them.

Capricorn – Prince of Wands – The Journalist – Have all the passion you want. It means nothing without the smarts to put those dreams into action. This month, you’ll be called upon to put your cunning intellect to the test. You always knew your sharp tongue could be a weapon, Capricorn. Who knew it could also be used for good? Choose carefully what words tear down and what they build up in June.

Aquarius – Five of Swords – Defeat – The name of this card suggests the emotional tone you carry into this month. Recent losses have you down, and you may hesitate to try again. Don’t let fear limit you, Aquarius. Otherwise, your failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Disengage this month from any negativity holding you back. The past need not dictate the future.

Pisces – Five of Wands – Strife – It’s time to stop being complacent, Pisces. Others battle to take your peace of mind this month — and possibly even a piece of what you feel is rightfully yours. Yet competition can make you sharper, an even greater talent than you were before. Stress can sometimes provide opportunities for growth that would have never resulted otherwise. It may not be what you want, but is possibly the next step needed towards growth. Look for how you can learn from this tension. 

That’s all for June! I hope that you’ve enjoyed this brief look at the Urban Tarot. May it have provided some insight for the month ahead. If you require a more in-depth Tarot, Oracle, or Daemonic card reading, my listing is available here and on my website. You can take a peek into my daily tarot journaling on Instagram, and always find my books here.

See you in July!

– Will