In this section you will find all the reference materials from previous incarnations of this site as PDFs that you can download, share, and distribute freely, much of it courtesy S. Connolly.

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Last Update: 11/20/2019

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English 2020 Calendar | Hungarian 2020 Calendar


Ater Votum: Daemonolatry Prayer

Hidden: Living with the Uninitiated

Infernal Colopatiron Excerpt

Keys of Death: FREE VERSION (Not as extensive as the print version)

Modern Demonolatry

Modern Demonolatry – Hungarian Version

Modified Daemonolatry: A Guide for Daemonolaters with Disabilities and Illness

Scales of Ma’at: A Guide for the Incarcerated


Gates of Lucifer Graphics File
Keys of Ocat Graphic File
Kadeya Rite of Ba’al Graphics File


About Demons: Definitions

Basic Demonolatry Rituals

Daemonic Hierarchies

Demon Dictionary

Dukante Hierarchy + Enns

Dukante + Goetic Sigils

Goetic Enns

Khemetic Daemonolatry Sigils

Recommended Traditional/Generational Daemonolatry Authors

Recommended Order in Which to Read S. Connolly’s Books

Recommended Reading for Daemonolatry

Recommended Reading for Magickal Foundation (I)

Proper Invocation

What is Daemonolatry?


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