Files & eBooks (Downloads)

This page hosts a number of free downloadable and printable PDF files, some also available in html, with rituals and information for Demonolators. If you have a file in Word, html, or PDF relevent to Demonolatry and would like to submit it to the library, please contact Frank at PLEASE only submit files that you have authored yourself! If you are not the author of the work, you have no right to distribute it and neither do we. We are not here to commit e-piracy. E-piracy hurts writers. If a link is broken, please be patient.

Adobe Reader is required for viewing of PDFs.

  • About Demons: Definitions: PDF
  • Ater Votum Daemonolatry Prayer : PDF
  • Basic Daemonolatry Rituals : PDF
  • Daemonic Hierarchies : PDF
  • Demon Dictionary: PDF
  • Dukante Hierarchy + Enns : PDF
  • Hidden: Living With the Uninitiated:  PDF
  • Modern Demonolatry: PDF
  • Modern Demonolatry: Greek Version PDF  (Translated by Rena Vlachoyianni)
  • Modified Daemonolatry: A Guide for Daemonolaters with Disabilities & Illness: PDF
  • Proper Invocation : PDF
  • Scales of Ma’at: A Guide for the Incarcerated: PDF
  • Goetic Enns : PDF
  • Khemetic Daemonolatry Sigils: PDF
  • Dukante + Goetic Sigils : PDF
  • What is Demonolatry? : PDF  
  • Gates of Lucifer Graphics File: PDF
  • Keys of Ocat Graphic File: PDF
  • Keys of Death FREE file (not as extensive as printed version): PDF
  • Kadeya Rite of Ba’al Graphics File (for electronic editions): PDF

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