Manifesting Fire Festival Cocktails

I must admit that whenever I schedule a ritual I let my husband deal with the ritual part and I focus on the food and drinks. What gathering would be complete without some cocktails? I have a few recipes up my sleeve that have gone over well with my coven. Today I’d like to share them with you.

The first is the Cuba Libre. I cheat by using both lime wedges and lime juice. First, squirt some lime juice (fresh squeezed is best but the stuff in the bottle is fine, about two tablespoons) into a highball glass. Add five parts Coca-Cola to one part rum and add your lime wedge. Since it’s likely hot as Hades outside don’t forget the ice.

Since we’re talking fire rituals, let’s talk spicy cocktails! I love a refreshing Bloody Caesar. You’ll need a highball glass, another lime wedge, a celery stalk, some tobasco sauce, celery salt, worstershire sauce, pepper (to taste), clamato juice (use straight tomato if you dislike clam), and vodka. Start by rimming your glass with the lime juice from a wedge, celery salt, and regular salt. Add one and a quarter ounces of vodka to about four ounces of clamato juice. Season with a few dashes of pepper, tobasco, and worstershire sauce, mix well and garnish with a celery stalk. They’re delicious!

A friend of mine makes what he calls a Hot Screw (I’ve also heard him call it a Spicy Screw). He brings a bottle of jalapeno infused vodka with him. Let me back up. The infused vodka starts two weeks earlier. He tells me he cuts up four good sized jalapeno peppers, de-seeds them, washes them, and puts them into the bottle of vodka. This sits for two weeks. When it’s time to mix drinks he simply mixes the vodka and orange juice like he normally would with a Screwdriver. Alas you have your Hot Screw. I think you could probaly experiment with this. I wonder what a Spicy Sea Breeze would taste like?

That’s enough for now, my pretties. The Rites of Summer are for celebrating the Demonic both within and without. Please drink responsibly because I may not be your mother, but I’m someone’s mother.


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