May 2021 Tarotscope

Hi there! I’m back a little earlier than anticipated. Instead of putting up a longer Tarotscope for the New Moon as planned, I’ve opted to create a shorter write-up in time for the beginning of the month. This is when I will post from now on.

This month, I will be using The Fallen Angel Oracle by Nigel Suckling. This 72-card deck draws upon the daemons of both Johann Weyer’s De Praestigiis Daemonum and The Ars Goetia. Indeed, this would be my ideal Goetia deck if not for a couple of issues with it. Its dream-like, digitally rendered imagery brings to mind a scrying mirror, with symbolism drawn right from the texts. However, the meanings associated with each daemon do not always mesh well with their depiction in traditional Daemonolatry or with my perception of them. Secondly, while the creator has chosen to include the three daemons Weyer purposely left out of his original text, Pruflas remains in favor of the Goetia’s Vassago. In general, I find these cards act best as devices that help me remember the oracular meanings attributed to daemons of the Goetia in Sigillum Diaboli by S. Connolly, as well as those drawn from my own gnosis. That is primarily how I use The Fallen Angel Oracle, and I prefer to ignore the keywords written on the cards because of it. That is how I will be using the deck for this month’s reading.

Top Row: Morax. Middle Row Ipos, Belial Reversed, Marbas, Orias, Vuall, Murmur. Bottom Row: Andromalius, Ronove, Vapula Reversed, Barbatos, Decarabia, Zepar Reversed.

All signs – Morax – The dust has settled, and your troubles are over. Yet keep in mind that there is still something to be learned from the conflict that has just passed, so don’t put it out of your mind too hastily. Morax is a teaching demon – and one who takes lessons seriously. You should too or you’re likely to see this problem again. In May, all signs need to take a moment to contemplate where they are and what has happened in recent months. What part did you play in the events that occurred?

Aries – Ipos – Muster your courage, Aries. Unexpected difficulties force your hand this month, asking you to make a decision before you are ready. Try to take a moment to reflect before you make your choice. You need to look at the situation from as many angles as possible first.

Taurus – Belial Reversed – The fire within you burns low this month, Taurus. Sluggishness leads to lower productivity and even a tendency towards irresponsibility in your daily life. Be careful not to let poor habits impact your financial affairs. Like a garden, these need regular attention.

Gemini – Marbas – Confused, Gemini? Not sure what to do? Turning over this card suggests you are too close to a situation this month and need to take a large step back to gain an unbiased perspective. Taking yourself out of this issue as much as possible will reveal the way out of the problem.

Cancer – Orias – Nice weather this month inspires good times with friends and family, Cancer. Take care not to overindulge during your celebrations – and to look after yourself better in general. Pulling this card indicates you have been neglecting an area of your physical health and should attend to that need.

Leo – Vuall Reversed – Socializing isn’t a big part of your schedule this month, Leo. You would rather spend time alone with your thoughts. Remember your head can be an echo chamber; it’s important to seek outside voices, especially in times of distress. You don’t have to be a hermit.

Virgo – Murmur – This daemon’s keyword is dissolution. Take advantage when the obstacle that once held you back dissolves in May, leaving the path before you open. But that does not mean you are a master yet, Virgo. You have a lot to learn before you can move forward efficiently. This month offers a chance to learn something new and broaden your horizons as well.

Libra – Andromalius – May looks to be a great time for you, Libra. Turning over this daemon’s card typically points to good fortune and happiness in the near future. Andromalius not only protects from theft but can help discover hidden treasures. Think outside the box when looking for these. Not every gift can be held in your hands.

Scorpio – Ronove – Like the daemon of the month, Ronove is also a teacher. Turning over this card only emphasizes how much you need to learn during this period. It also places a focus on structured lessons, so your schooling may take place within the context of formal education. Regardless, consider May a time to expand your mind and skills.

Sagittarius – Vapula Reversed – Dissatisfied with your creative output, Sagittarius? Then consider the saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” It’s come time to give your brain better stimulation this month. If you want to make great things, the media you consume must be of similar high quality – which is to say nothing of the amount to intake. What’s your human/media balance? It requires friction with another being to ignite the creative spark.

Capricorn – Barbatos – This is indeed a period of growth and education, Capricorn, but many of the lessons to be learned are not yours. Instead, you may feel caught in the middle this month as two or more parties work out their issues. Although you are entangled in another person’s problems, there is a deeper wisdom to be gained by helping them navigate the situation.

Aquarius – Decarabia – Sometimes we can’t see the truth. Turning over Decarabia’s card means that deception comes to light this month. But hold up, Aquarius. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have been lied to, either. You may be held back by negative self-talk that just isn’t true. May is the time to take these limiting beliefs apart by investing your efforts in some mental readjustment.

Pisces – Zepar Reversed – Spring is still in the air! The First Rite of Leviathan sparks chemistry between partners, casual and committed. Expect heightened levels of emotional connection overall this month, Pisces. Yet this card suggests not to be too obvious in your affections until after passions have cooled. The age-old question remains, “Will they still love me in the morning?”

That’s it for May! I hope this brief look at The Fallen Angel Oracle (and Sigillum Diaboli!) finds you well. If you require a more in-depth Tarot, Oracle, or Daemonic card reading, my listing is available here and on my website. You can take a peek into my daily tarot journaling on Instagram, and always find my books on Daemonolatry here.

See you in June. If it’s summer where you are – enjoy it!

– Will