Midsummer Meditations – August 2011

Welcome to August 2011 my friends. Aside from our usual rousing blog content there’s not much going on around here. I suppose that’s what people mean when they talk about the lazy days of summer. This month we offer you blog posts on the topic of midsummer meditations. Enjoy them!

Don’t forget that DB Publishing is still accepting submissions for the forthcoming book My Name is Legion. The link for writer/artist guidelines is over on the main page.  Also this month (or perhaps next as I’ve heard there’s a delay) look for the latest Audrey Brice release of the second OTS novel, Into Darkness. I’ll post a notice the minute the book is available.

I’d also like to offer this, if you’re a practicing Demonolater and an author, please let us know about your upcoming releases, too. We support Demonolater authors and artists and want to help promote you. Also, we have a guest blog spot open every month. So if you’d like to pimp your books, sell your wares, or do a guest blog post – contact me at demonolatry.org@gmail.com and I’ll help you make it happen.

May Flaros and the Asmodai bless and keep you this holy month of August.

I remain,

Frank F. Domovoi