By now you the reader should be familiar on my thoughts on blood..  Blood is a good start..  But.. There are other offering one can do, things that would satisfied the flesh, offering of harvest, food and wine or drink.

But I want to focus on energizing your offering. There are theories that emotional energy plays key with any offerings. Pain, sorrow, joy, ecstasy..

With our primal urges there is power. How does one generate that much emotion for it to be used?  Actual infliction upon yourself is a good start..   Alot of beliefs and also mine merges into this one topic. Pain must be generated, flogging,  hot candle wax,  any means to cause pain before you offer up your blood.  One must focus on the deity you are offering to, and why you need to contact them.

I am reminded of a experiment I was involved in with a friend.  The theory behind this experiment was the feeling must be deeply rooted in the person.  She was going through a part of her life where she was “dumped” by her boyfriend.  Feeling of sorrow, hate, fear, emotionally hurt..   She wanted to do a ritual of “Birth” what she envisioned how life came to be for a person. Alot of the information I can’t share with you, but I can give you a short description, to me it was very disturbing.  She was bound and blind folded with earplugs and muffs covering her ears. She was alone and crying, struggling.. It seemed like something from a horror thriller movie, but without all that rated “R” stuff.  At the end of it, I cut her binds, and left the room with a altar and a ritual knife for her. She offered her blood with no one in the room.  Afterwards she felt better about everything.

Be it something inflicted in her mind feeling helpless, or the feeling of being alone, I am not certain..  I rather flog myself until I bleed then being binded and blinded, but to each their own..


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