Magical Work by S. Connolly

Daemonic Magick is a deep, spiritual act for me.  It’s irrevocably tied into the fact that I am a Magician Priest (Hekau).  So I take magick VERY seriously as an art. This is also why I have a reputation for turning down more work than I accept.  Each ritual is a spiritual service performed and is non-refundable.

I am now currently open to performing magical work for others. See below to discover what I offer.  If you are looking for Readings – click HERE.


Thursday Prayers/Offerings for healing and strength.

Please note that Thursday prayers/offerings for healing and strength are always free.  Just send me a note of who I’m including in the Thursday night healing/strength ritual to  I’ve been doing this ritual every Thursday for years now, and I’m happy to include you or a friend or family member. It’s part of my public service to others as are all the free writings I offer on this website in the FREE LIBRARY.   I give A LOT of my time to the temples I serve, and I try to give to the general public through the Thursday night prayers/offerings and the free library. Some will complain that this is not enough, and if that’s the case, then they need to seek assistance elsewhere.

I do apologize that I may not have time to speak to everyone personally who submits a name for the Thursday prayers and offerings (as it’s a popular ritual), but you will get a note saying I received your request. There is no fee, but donations are always welcome. Donations can be sent via the donate link on the right hand side of this page in the menu items.

Donations help keep a free and public Daemonolatry resource for everyone. Even a $5 donation is helpful. Thank you.

If you are an initiated member of any GenDem Group

You can often have private sacred ceremonies (aka weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc…) performed on your behalf and some magickal work done for a suggested donation,  or for a flat, temple set fee. You may even be able to get some of this work for free (depends on the temple). Please contact your group clergy to find out the suggested donation or cost for each ritual. Remember that many of our temples exist because our priests volunteer their free time, as well as supplies, gas/fuel, etc… to perform pre-initiate training, initiations, degree/grade initiations, instruction, counseling, and regular liturgical rites.  We can’t expect them to do everything for free, especially if we expect them to continue volunteering. Unlike Christian Clergy, our priests have real jobs like you and I, and real bills, and real families to take care of (and spend time with). They don’t get a paycheck for this work. This is the only reason we seek donations or flat fees for any of this. Because taking care of others spiritually does cost money to do. Besides, if we can give a little something to our priests to help them along for giving so much of themselves to our communities, it shows we appreciate them and all they do.

If you are initiated OFS, TTS, OTH, or TOA,  you can contact me at and I will try to fit what you need into my schedule, or I will find a priest who can help.  Please note that all OFS, TTS, & OTH sacred and magickal work is FREE to initiated members.  ToA has a suggested donation fee structure, with hardships taken into account.

Magickal Work for the General Public

While I do give freely of my time and resources to my brothers and sisters in the temples in which I serve, it would be impossible to serve all of the general public on top of that and still be able to keep a job, keep my family, etc… because when you offer things for free – people will happily take all the time and resources you are willing to give, and then be completely ungrateful toward you when you finally draw a line in the sand and refuse to keep giving.  I’ve been there before. I gave away free readings and magickal work to people for YEARS until I was spending more time giving away my time to strangers than I was spending time with the people I love. That’s when my husband put his foot down and said either I got paid for my time or he didn’t want me doing work for others anymore.  So I chose to completely stop doing magickal work for others and to start charging for readings.

Well, because so many people continue to seek me out for magickal work, and I feel I finally have some time, I am again offering magickal work for the GENERAL PUBLIC.


Yes, I do charge for consultations because so many people will write me a 30,000 word novella about their situation that they expect me to read and go over, and counsel them about their problem with 5-6 emails before they even choose to decide if they want the magickal work done.  All of this back and forth can take 1-3 hours of my time per person inquiring about the magick.  I no longer do free consults on this unless you’re an initiated member of one of the temples I serve. Only then am I oath bound to offer you free consultation.

Basic Magickal Consultation via email: $100.00 — includes insightful divination about your situation to find out if magickal work would benefit your situation.

Basic Magickal 1 hour Consultation via Skype: $250.00 — Includes live discussion and divination about your situation to find out if magickal work would benefit your situation. Costs more because it requires working on a more rigid schedule.

Magick Performed on your Behalf

You can skip the consultation completely and buy any magickal performance you wish. Though I recommend the consultation first. Each basic package includes photographs of the ritual and an amulet charged during the ritual. For each ritual, I simply need the name of the person I’m doing the work for, and a picture of them. You can send this via email.

Basic Soul Mate Ritual – $500

Basic Obstacle Destroyer Ritual -$500

Basic Opportunity Draw Ritual -$500

Basic Operation to Send Familiars – $500

Basic Operation to Attract Success – $500

Basic Curse Breaker – $500

Basic Pact (Any Purpose/Any Daemon) – $500


Recording of any Ritual: $500 (on top of regular fee)

Skype Attendance: $250 on top of regular fee (because this requires we perform the ritual at a certain time, and also requires more “set” and “performance” so viewers can enjoy the ritual more. Plus group magick is a huge pain in the ass and I often have to work against other people’s ineptitude).   My advice, if you can’t do magick for yourself – don’t attend because you’re probably the reason your own magick doesn’t work and it might be best if you just let me do what I have to do without your interference, grounding, or whatever it is that keeps your own magick unsuccessful, from getting in my way. It costs more if I have to repeat an operation.

Additional Services

Send you Magickal Power to Help You in your Own Work – $100 –

Basic Distance Funerals (via Skype)- $250 – includes funeral, ritual supplies, etc… with Skype broadcast and attendance of up to 5 computers.

Basic Distance ExorcismsMust have a consultation first.

Consultation $100:

Exorcism Fee $500: 

Basic Distance Sacred Rites (via Skype) – $250 – includes ritual, ritual supplies, etc… with Skype broadcast and attendance of up to 5 computers.

DISCLAIMER AND REFUND POLICY: I reserve the right to refuse my services to anyone I choose, at which time I will refund their money.  Refusal of service is the only reason I will offer a refund.

Each ritual is a spiritual service performed and is non-refundable.  Please note that my fees do NOT include a charge for the magick itself. The fees pay for the priest’s knowledge, training, spiritual connection with the Daemonic, and time, the supplies, the amulet + shipping, the electronic connection, and the photographs.

Disclaimer (Required by Law):  Spiritual services should not be used in place of professional assistance.  If you need medical, financial, legal, or mental health assistance, please seek out a professional in that field. Only persons over the age of 18 may legally have a spiritual service performed for them, except with parental permission.

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