Pathworking to Empowerment

To be honest, I was nervous about this month’s writing topic. I was having a hard time nailing down the practice of pathworking, but after sitting down with my copy of The Complete Book of Demonolatry and searching for the area on pathworking that I remembered seeing, I had soon re-acquainted myself with it’s particulars. The passage isn’t very large, but it speaks of exploration and self-discovery. Growth through the exploration of what is new, interesting, and challenging to those on the path. Much like Bluemidknight, this is something I had been doing for some time as well, though perhaps under a different name. It even parallels a topic that I explore in my current book project, and so I would like to share an excerpt from that project for this month’s post. Here it is, I hope you all enjoy!


Often times there is a very negative stigma associated with indulgence, but Satanists view it as an important and vital part of spiritual life. To indulge, is simply to partake in that which makes one happy, nothing more. The negative stigma comes from numerous sources, such as the long-held christian belief that taking too much pleasure in something, is a sin. Satanists however, are expected to indulge and enjoy life as much as possible, for when sadness and sorrow are confronted, they too must be accepted and experienced to the fullest. Both sides of the spectrum, both halves of the whole, must always be respected and allowed to run their course. To not do so, would create an imbalance that would be just as unhealthy as a denial of both experiences completely.

Indulgence fuels and empowers the human spirit, and leads down a path of self-discovery and exploration. For one cannot indulge without knowing what it is that truly brings joy and fulfillment. Unhindered by dogma, Satanists are free to delve deeply within themselves to find what truly brings them joy and satisfaction in life. And once discovered, it is their duty to indulge and pursue that fulfillment and satisfaction whenever prudent. Because again, when sorrow or pain are encountered, there is no flight. A Satanist stands in the face of tribulation, and through the fortitude brought about by emotional balance and strength, weathers the encounter and becomes even more empowered than before. That which does not kill us, truly does make us stronger.