2016 is underway and this month we’re excited to bring you the workshop Daemonic Wealth Magick! You can sign up until the night before any class. Be sure to contact Ms. Connolly before signing up if you are the member of a group or temple that gets a discount.

In publishing news, watch for more Daemonolater’s Guides!  I won’t ruin the surprise by telling you what the folks at DB Publishing have coming for you.

Sephira Alchemy has been restocked for now. Remember that Sephira Alchemy is something Ms. Connolly does for enjoyment, so items and mixtures are created as she has time. It’s not a “normal” business per se. We here at demonolatry.org are pleased to host Sephira Alchemy on our site.

This site is looking for GUEST BLOGGERS!  Have an interesting blog about Daemonolatry? Do you want to talk Daemons? Feel free to send us your guest post!  Contact me at demonolatry.org@gmail.com

I hope you all have a fantastic spring rite this weekend. Joyous Rite to Lucifer, and may He light your way!

~Frank F. Domovoi, Webmaster