What I wish I knew…

Wow, where to begin with this.. Well first off with my past experience, I was more shamanic.. More nature based belief, and with that came with alot of limitations of how I was trained.

Magick squares and numbers in magick. I find it fascinating now since I can basically use it for alot of things, back then I never lift a finger in learning it..  But now I’m reading up on it.. Has Stef says “You’ll start to see it everywhere.”  Trust me, you’ll start to notice things…

Demons!  Has I progressed I knew demons has entities like angels and gods, but was surrounded with people who believed them to be evil spirits ( not Satanic, like negative makers). Now I realize that I am sort of right with it, so many missed opportunities in the past to connect with them.

The crazies..  If I would have known there are crazy people out there getting their brains melted on magick (or disorders and using magick) I would of stayed isolated in my world.. But thankfully its only a handful of them, and the rest of the people are pretty cool.

I’m sure there is so many things I wish I knew back then, but those I keep to myself and allow you the reader to stumble in the dark.. mawhahahha *evil laugh*

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