Give 2017 A Magical and Spiritual Head Start With These Easy Tips

Pagans of all kinds set lofty goals at this time of year. Some will aim for the stars and end up with a handful of glitter instead. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Despite what Master Yoda says, there’s value in effort alone. A magician who screws up a ritual is far more powerful than one who never leaves the couch.

Fear of failure can make it hard to pry your ass from the seat cushions, though, especially if you’ve never meditated or practiced magick before. Perhaps that’s why so many new Daemonolaters worry they will “do it wrong.” Truthfully, experienced practitioners worry that too, including me. In my case, perhaps it’s a holdover from being raised in a Christian household, and I’m secretly afraid a little red man with horns and a pitchfork will pop out of the ground to claim my soul. More likely I’m frightened I won’t be able to understand all the old grimoires on my 2017 reading list. For the first time in forever, I feel like a newbie. I understand even better now why daemonic sigils and enns can seem confusing and overwhelming at first.

So what can a new Daemonolater do to ease into daily practice slowly? How can you start fresh with your practice in the New Year?

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Try getting in touch with Daemonic Divine through these suggestions.


  • Keep a gratitude journal. Not a wordsmith? Say thank you with a daily doodle or a photograph snapped on your phone. Do specific events or objects remind you of the blessings of particular daemons? If appropriate, say a prayer of make an offering in thanks.
  • Salt and spice your food with thanks to Belial and Verrine for their gifts.
  • Say grace. If you feel uncomfortable saying it at the table, try saying as you fill a pet’s bowl or when you fill the birdfeeder.
  • Eat an everyday food or do a day-to-day chore as mindfully as possible, using all your senses, while you dedicate the task to a daemon. How did your awareness of the task change? Could you sense the daemon’s presence?



  • Create art that expresses your emotions, a problem that you want to overcome, or how you feel about the Daemonic Divine. Draw, paint, write, sing, knit, make jewelry or incense, sculpt…The possibilities are endless.
  • If you don’t feel that your art is good enough, remember that some of the first recorded spiritual art—cave paintings—were little more than stick figures, and they were more than good enough for the gods!
  • If you don’t know what to do with your arts and crafts when you are done with them, remember that some charities will accept art crafts as donations. Homeless shelters always need warm scarfs, hats, mittens, etc. Also, consider sacrificing any crafts you have made to the Daemonic Divine if it is safe for you to do so and you cannot donate them. Of course, the truly amazing artists among you could open Etsy stores!



  • Mindfully cleanse your hands, face, or body with Leviathan’s help. Focus on your physical grime.
  • Use creative visualization, repetitive sounds, and pleasing scents to relieve the tension of the day. Focus on your mental grime while running the light of the daemons you feel closest to through your body if you can picture it. If not, pray at this time.
  • Straighten your living environment while concentrating on sending negative emotions out the door! Ask Amducius to drive all obstacles from your path and Verrine to bring health to your home!


Purposefully plan to do at least one act in a daemon’s name each day:

  • Learn something new for Ronove.
  • Light a candle for Flereous.
  • Read Tarot cards for Delepitore.
  • Observe the moon for Unsere.

Did it change the activity or give it special meaning? Could you sense the daemon’s energy?


  • Read about your faith, its history, and its traditions. You don’t have to read full books if you don’t have time. Short articles on the internet can be a wonderful starting point if make sure to check the facts you find. Question facts in the name of Lucifer!
  • Try to include material written by those outside your faith to broaden your perspective. Read about other faiths for the same reason, including those you would never consider joining. Be curious.
  • Watch television shows and movies that feature characters of your faith and characters of other faiths. Do you think these portrayals are accurate, based on what you read?
  • Look into attending spiritual get-togethers or joining online forums to engage in discussions with others. Be respectful of group culture while being aware that not all groups truly want to get together to discuss spirituality and magick. Some groups are for coffee hook-ups only, while others want meeting leaders just want to sell you something. Be cautious but open-minded.


I have just logged on after many a year. Read some of my own posts. I must have been useful and quite clever in my past. Back in 2011 I mentioned panic attacks. Still suffer from them. Sometimes, personal demons are very hard to beat. Sometimes life can be very hard work, and quitting the whole process seems like a viable alternative. What would there be to gain from this ? Apart from an immediate cessation to what ever you are feeling, also an immediate end to get beat your personal demons. To quote Rocky Balboa “Life is a very mean and nasty place. Life will beat you down and keep you there if you let it. It isn’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”
After 7 years of panic and anxiety issues, I am still here and still moving forward. Yes sometimes life looses its sparkle, but accepting the challenge is better than quitting.

INTO THE ABYSS is based on a true story!

Did you catch this season’s American Horror Story? I’m not sure Roanoke flowed as well as the show’s previous years, but I blame poor writing over a faulty premise. I think films based on “true stories” can work even if the audience doesn’t believe the events portrayed in the movie occurred at all—but only if the audience cares about the characters. Of course, as an occultist, I’ve lived through an unbelievable event or two. Into the Abyss Cover

I’m amazed I made it through some of the things I tried in my twenties. Deciding to summon an Elder God, choosing to walk all seven gates of death on a lark… I have no idea how I survived long enough to hike down into the river valley with three friends on Halloween night, 1996. Perhaps my patron watched over me even then! Regardless of who or what protected back then, whatever we saw in the shadows encouraged me to ward my apartment for the first time. It also led me to write the original draft of “What You Wish For,” which debuts today in Into the Abyss.

When I read the other stories in the anthology, I kept wondering, “How much of this is real? How much have these magicians actually seen?”

After all, sight can be subjective. Consider the latest Marvel movie, Doctor Strange. Without giving any major plot threads away, I can say sorcerers occasionally fight in the movie without “mundanes” noticing their battles whatsoever. Spells protect people from the ugly reality of the situation, just as our own psyches can protect us from unpleasant truths. They do this by editing uncomfortable information out of our awareness. Isn’t it funny how you’ll rarely notice you’ve gained a pound unless you’re specifically watching for such a minute change, but you can’t ignore when an extra twenty stops your jeans from zipping up anymore?

That’s what I mean. We don’t always see what’s right in front of us because we choose not to do so. On the other hand, just because I’m staring at a cookbook and muttering under my breath while stirring cake batter doesn’t necessarily mean I’m struggling with the recipe. It could also mean that I’m reciting an incantation meant to hex the crap out of my neighbor and I’ll soon serve him a big ol’ slice instead! Appearances can be deceiving.

All right—maybe Doctor Strange is fiction. I admit it was hard for me to accept Tilda Swinton as an ancient male Tibetan too. Be that as it may, I have seen martial arts masters like those in the movie use chi energy as part of their attacks. I know magicians that have undertaken the infamous Toad Rite mentioned in Into the Abyss. I have channeled spirits and let them speak through me. And, for better or for worse, I saw the hulking thing that crouched in darkness beneath the bridge in my city’s river valley. I saw it and I heard it and…

Well, now. I suppose you’ll have to read the story I wrote. But be cautious when you venture Into the Abyss.

The line between fact and fiction can be wonderfully, magickally thin.




Into the Abyss collects eleven tales of suspense and horror written by some of today’s most formidable magicians. From the toad rite, to chthonic gnosis, to witches, werewolves and ghosts, to gods, daemons, and madmen, these stories are sure to have something for every reader. Pull up the blankets and turn on the lights—take a journey up the river Styx, Into the Abyss.

Featuring stories by: William Briar, Audrey Brice, David Owain Hughes, Peter Oliver Wonder, and MORE!


Be the Hero Halloween Deserves

Witches love a good banishing. As a magician and horror writer, exorcisms fascinate me. Whenever I watch priests battle the Antichrist, I cheer for the men in collars even while I cringe at every negative stereotype those films reinforce about daemons, daemon-worshippers, and Paganism in general.

I don’t need a Catholic priest—or any priest—to rescue me if I feel supernaturally threatened. Of course, not everyone feels as confident evicting spiritual jerks from their home as I do, but I realized a long time ago that witches recognize authorities far older than the titles of man. Since then, I have gone directly to my highest power and simply asked him to intervene directly whenever me or mine have needed protection. I recommend that anyone sensitive to this sort of activity do the same, especially when the veil is reportedly at its thinnest.

But calling on my highest power has often meant more than vibrating the appropriate Daemonic enn and drawing the right sigil on parchment. It has sometimes required I display more vulnerability than I have before—and it has almost always resulted in me knowing myself better, for good or ill. A thing learned cannot be unlearned, and that is the price of seeing God. A thing revealed can never be completely hidden again, and that is the price of exposing your belly to the Divine.

Yet our guts also seek to warn us of danger. Remember the last time you felt heaviness in the pit of your stomach, or when someone disgusted you so deeply you wanted to throw up? In today’s world, our conscience seems to reside in our digestive tracts.  We’re even told to relax by not “giving a shit!” In the past, my teachers have advised me to follow my instincts whenever they manifested through these physical reactions. Then again, many people who wouldn’t consider themselves magickal at all base major life decisions on intuition. And why not? Doing so keeps us firmly anchored in the animal kingdom. We are a part of nature. It feels both foolish and wasteful to ignore its gifts.

So, at the risk of baring my belly and looking like an idiot, I’d like to share a song I have used to banish spirits from my house multiple times, Batdance by Prince. (It’s also part of an eclectic playlist I’m posting for Death on Facebook over the next week.) The movie associated with this album exploded into my life when I was all of fifteen years old. I was mad at the world and drunk on the possibilities I’d discovered in Buckland, Starhawk, and Cunningham. I studied the lyrics, agreed “this town needs an enema,” and decided to flush negativity out of my life with the powers that had set my teenage heart on fire.

How did I do it? Intuitively and embarrassingly, using ecstatic dance and dismissive laughter. I had no idea I was playing with chaos and pop-culture magick. Since then, I have learned a good deal about channeling spirits thanks to “Batdance,” including how to horse more than one at a time. Does this mean I think you all should ghostbust with the late 1980s stylings of Prince?

Hell, no! The musical skeletons in your closet may be entirely different from mine. That’s the point. My relationship with the divine is unique. It’s impossible for two magicians to interface with the same daemon in exactly the same way no matter how hard they might try to duplicate each other’s work. Don’t feel weird if you have to look outside the box for ritual inspiration during the Season of the Witch. I sing and dance for the Daemonic Divine regularly. Sadly, I’m no musician! Until I have a wider variety of hymns to choose from, I can only use the rhythms that move me.

Isn’t that the point?

Happy Rite of Eurynomous, everybody. “I’ve seen the future and it will be Batman…”

…unless he is played by Ben Affleck.

Dare We Question Our Faith?

Late last month, I attended an interfaith festival in my city where I ran a table on Daemonolatry. Although the organizers encouraged visitors to step outside their comfort zones and talk to people who might challenge their religious views, I’d estimate that less than ten people asked me anything about Daemonolatry at all. Far more were interested in the plastic cauldron filled with candy that I’d set in front of me—or the life-size, cardboard Pope planted right beside my booth. The Catholic meant to defend the Pontiff’s honor from nasty photo ops was busy most of the day, so I enjoyed the irony of explaining how His Holiness wasn’t mine for six hours.

I also took home all the free literature I could and received invitations to numerous places of worship. I wept (discretely) thanks to an amazing hip-hop poet, and I realized that the Sikh children performing their traditional martial arts could kick the ass of nearly everyone present. In short, I’m glad I went. I believe interfaith events can benefit us all. Meditate for a moment on the idea behind this year’s celebration: myriad faiths united by shared human experience, learning from one another and growing because of it. How inspiring!

Of course, I jump at the chance to go to and host non-denominational spiritual events. What I see posted on Facebook makes me suspect others may not be as excited as I am. Perhaps they worry that mingling with followers of other religions will test their beliefs. Well, so what?

We hear all the time that deity works in mysterious ways, and the Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac indicates that at least the Christian god likes to test our faith. I don’t work with that aspect of the divine, but I’ve definitely felt tested by my patron. I’ve gone so far as to scream at the sky and demand a sign from him. That doesn’t mean I haven’t squeezed shut my eyes as tightly as I could to avoid seeing one of his signs when it suited me too. The longer I ignore him, the bigger his billboards always become.

I’ve learned the hard way to listen when my belly begins to knot and twist. I’m lucky that my body provides me with such clear signals, but it was only through carefully going over my ritual notes and journal entries that I figured out what my ‘tell’ was. My stomach acts as both my conscience and my bullshit detector, and woe betide me when I listen to the opinions of others rather than it.

I wish I had understood this about myself sooner. My parents impressed the importance of maintaining ‘decorum’ in public at an extremely young age. Because of that, people compliment me regularly on my poise during speaking engagements. No one has ever noticed the sweat dripping down my body under my clothes or my shaking hands. They have occasionally not believed me when I have pointed these signs of anxiety out. Unfortunately, I haven’t believed my own anxiety at times, either, and dismissed ill feelings that crept up repeatedly as stage fright rather than my gut warning me. As I’ve watched my loved ones struggle with their own stress and nerves, I’ve sometimes wondered what their bodies are trying to tell them. We can never completely know a person until we at least attempt to understand what they are going through.

I try to learn about other religions because I have felt misunderstood because of my faith in the past. Some of what I have read over the years has undoubtedly changed me—and for the better, as far as I am concerned. After all, I started reading about Paganism with Raymond Buckland and am now a Daemonolator. I suspect most readers here will view that positively, though I know not everyone will agree.

Change is by its very nature unpredictable, and humans fear what we cannot control. Just watch any parent’s face when they watch their child ride a bike for the first time, go out on their first date, or move out of the house. We worry about these things just as much as we look forward to them. I think interfaith activities frequently have such low turnouts for similar reasons.

Yet we cannot stop change from happening. Children eventually move out whether we count the months to their departure or try to barricade the doors. Similarly, members of other faiths will continue to immigrate to our countries. More burkini incidents will occur, or situations like them. Transgender individuals will continue to demand fair treatment from religious organizations that have never had to deal with them before. The wheel will keep turning, as it always has. We cannot halt time.

In the end, I suppose each of us must tackle the interfaith conundrum on a personal level, from within our current belief systems—whatever they may be. As for myself, I left the festival wondering where Daemonolators fit in the grand scheme of things. Do we see ourselves as part of the larger Pagan or Occult community? If so, is that where anyone wants us to be, including ourselves?

I can’t answer these questions right now. Realistically, I’m not sure I ever should—at least for anyone but myself. The All may be One, but I refuse to believe there’s just One path to the All.

May this season of renewal revitalize you and yours. Naamah.

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Let’s Be Terrible For a Moment…

One of my oldest friends has a two-year-old daughter. She’s made of sunshine and giggles, but she bursts into tears whenever a stranger pops their head in the front door. Since few people are stranger than I am, and since my schedule keeps me from visiting as often as I would like, I remain terrifying to her—but only for about fifteen minutes after I arrive. By then, Dad will have convinced her I am not the boogeyman, and I will have tried to bribe her several times with whatever colorful toy or tasty treat is closest at hand. I smiled all the way home the day she finally agreed to share a drink with me.

When she responded to the same tactic with “NO!” a few weeks later, I laughed out loud. Her parents might not appreciate it right at this moment, but their daughter is learning how to set strong boundaries that will serve her later in life by indulging in her Terrible Twos. With how much time and money the Pagan and Occult communities devote to reclaiming our personal power, perhaps we should all be so terrible once in a while.

The last year has been a learning experience for me. I am using that phrase in the way I suspect many people do, as an attempt to re-frame a chaotic time in my life as something positive. I’m not sure why I’m bothering. Maybe it is because I’m used hearing that we should all see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. I know one thing for certain: whenever I have reached out to someone about the water level of my cup, all I have ever wanted is their help refilling it.

Sadly, I’ve found that many people worried about how others fill their cups do almost nothing to refill their own. These armchair magicians read endlessly but rarely cast spells or hold rituals. These holiday magicians never celebrate outside of the major holy days but want to run our daily practice. In mundane life, these maiden aunts call to plan wedding to spouses we haven’t met yet, and these backseat drivers scream at us to slow down but vow to never get their learner’s permit.

Worse yet are those people who fill their glass by draining ours. These sorts email us questions easily answered within Google’s first five hits. They ask us for favor after favor but disappear mysteriously the instant we require assistance. They lure us in with promises yet their promises seem to evaporate once we have upheld our part of the bargain.

Magickal or mundane, these people drink from our glasses. I wish I knew why. I’d like to believe most do not realize what they are doing, but some may simply prefer a different vintage than their own. In the end, it doesn’t matter. They drink from our cups without refilling it, and our cups runs dry.

After this last year, I plan to be more protective of my cup going forward. That doesn’t mean I plan to be a hermit. I am glad to be a member and Initiate of the Temple of Atem. I wish I lived closer to its members. Until such a miracle occurs, however, I am the sole Demonolater in my area… as far as I know! I am the only person who has chosen to out themself, so I might as well be alone. I attend both Wiccan and Christian churches in the meantime, and they provide me with face-to-face spiritual nourishment and companionship. In return, I volunteer and am seriously considering some sort of career in interfaith ministry. I feel grateful for these kinds of reciprocal relationships because they help refill my cup and the cups of many others. Yet I do not walk through my local spiritual community blindly, nor do I think that everyone I meet follows their path’s version of the Golden Rule. If anything, the last twelve months have made me far too aware of the manipulative games all of us play, myself included.

Consider the act of applying for a job. By presenting myself well, I can convince potential employers I am doing them a favor just by submitting my resume. The truth is, I have sought them out because I want their favor in the oldest sense of the word. When I apply for a job, I want paid. If this last year has taught me nothing else, it is that people offering help out of the kindness of the hearts may be using similar techniques to extract a favor from me.

When your gut tells you that an offer feels too good to be true, stop for a moment before you say yes. Put on your boss hat and ask yourself:

  • What is this person actually asking from me?
  • Can I realistically provide this and do I want to do so?
  • What are they offering me in exchange?
  • Do I believe they can and/or will provide actually this?
  • Is this a fair exchange? If not, is it worth it?
  • How will working with the person affect me in the short term?
  • How will it affect me in the long term?
  • Again, is it worth it?

These questions are not hard-hearted but practical. When you do a favor for someone, you are working for him or her. Working for them without compensation doesn’t negate the time or energy taken up by that work. Every hour spent on free favors is a droplet taken out of your glass. If you do not charge for supplies but create tangible products as part of your favors, these “freebies” can become cracks threaten the integrity of the entire vessel.

No matter how good giving feels, those that give endlessly may someday discover that they have nothing at all left to give. Bodies fail. Money runs out.  This can be especially devastating to writers, artists, and crafters who donate their work in exchange for “recognition,” or for witches, diviners, clergy who donate countless hours and dollars to their community by providing rituals, readings, teaching, often without any sort of traditional payment whatsoever.

Saying no the first time is hard. Saying no after saying yes fifteen times can feel insurmountable. That’s why so many of us turn to magick in those situations. We go to shamans and ask for stolen soul pieces back. We ask witches to bind those who leech on us. We banish malicious spirits of self-sabotage with elaborate exorcism rituals.

But we don’t need an old priest and a young priest. We need to go through the Terrible Twos again. We need to say no when asked the first favor that feels wrong, when our guts originally twist with discomfort, right at the beginning. If we know we are being too nice, then we have only ourselves to blame when do not reach our goals.

Of course, we usually do not need to be as loud as two-year-olds. Saying no with tact takes practice and can take a lifetime to master. Yet we still acquire this basic ability as toddlers. We may forget that we possess it, or it may have been stolen from us along the way. Even so, we can reclaim little by little, by saying “no” when our highest selves counsel that we should, and when it is safe for us to do so.

Ave Satanas, everyone, and happy full moon.

GUEST POST: My Daemonolatry Journey

This is a Guest Post Written by Ange Ferude.  I want to thank Ange for being so understanding about my oversight in posting this. It was supposed to go up in late July and I dropped the ball. Sorry about that Ange. To our regular readers, please enjoy the guest post!  – Steph


Greetings, fellow Demonolators. I will say I am still rather new to this. I only really grew into Demonology and Demonolatry sometime in 2013. I believe it was in early October, the very start of when I truly got into it, especially spiritually. I shall tell my story of how I reached this path for me.

We are all familiar with the Demons that we revere, and know that there are many more who do not understand what we do. I was one of those, like a lot of others. When I was younger, one of the beings I learned of and liked were demons. Never saw any of them being all “evil” nor all “good”.

However, back when I was a Catholic, I was taught about demons being “evil”; and all that not to like nor trust them. I was not like my family though, whom were the Catholics that thought me to be as well. I did not actively practice, and I didn’t see all demons as being “evil”. I even made characters for mini stories I’d write on occasion, ones that were demons that were to prove that not all demons are bad. I believed a majority of them were cruel, but that some were not.

Eventually, I announced to family that I was not a Catholic. I was Agnostic. I could not decide if I believed in a god, more than one god, or any god at all. However I believed in spirits, in souls, ghosts, and demons. For some reason, it was hard to believe in the existance of angels, and it is still hard to. I am not sure why, but I have had trouble believing in angels for a long time. I felt demons were much more common and likely to encounter and exist, and perhaps were what people mistook for angels. Still, this was years back, when I believed a majority of demons were cruel.

Then one night, I had a dream of Lucifer. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what he looked like, but I knew it was him. He came to me, and asked that I learn about him. To get to know who he is as a being in different perspectives. There was no forcing behind it, he was not demanding it, and nothing bad would happen if I decided not to look into what he asked. It was a simple thing he wanted, one that could really change the matter of one’s perspective and views. His voice was soft, and sincere too. And he was basically asking for me to give him a chance, thus with that, give other demons a chance as well. That is how I took it at least.

I can only think of a few reasons why I would have this dream. You see, for a few years while being Agnostic, I looked at many other different kinds of religions. Different forms of Paganism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Satanism of different forms; to name a few. So while I did not fully trust demons at the time, I still did look into Satanism and even Luciferianism years to months before the actual dream itself. The fact though, that I looked for other religions or just plain Spirituality without being religious, showed how I wasn’t satisfied with what i called myself in terms of faith and spiritual paths. No matter what I looked at, I was not able to feel I “belonged” in any of these groups. And that’s what kept me searching. It’s not that I needed to, because I don’t have to belong to any group; but I wanted to. I’ve never been completely sure on why, but the best guess I can make is I wouldn’t feel “complete” if I did not find something.

Another reason could be that I never actually saw Lucifer or Satan as truly “evil”. I felt that he was misunderstood, and was given a bad reputation not of his choice. In some way, I felt a lot of demons were misunderstood, and so I made characters to represent said misunderstandings, to show that that’s what it all was, misunderstandings. Looking at it in certain ways, it is quite common that people assume all bad things are done in by demons, while all good are made by angels. Is that really true? A majority of people, who believe in these things, think it is. It is not fair to assume it that way though, in my opinion. Even I did not automatically think a bad occurence is caused by a demon on a spiritual level of belief. From the perspective of my spiritual understanding there are different types of spirits, all possessing different types of energies, from positive to negative; and light to dark.

The fact that I already held what would be considered, odd beliefs and strange ways of thinking compared to the “norm”, it could have been one of many triggers to the dream. Either way, I did do as Lucifer asked, and from then on, I looked on more into demons and their relations to the world. I looked at the common Christian perspective, as well as a more neutral, or a demon worshipper’s perspective.

For awhile, I went purely into looking through topics on Theistic Satanism, but was not completely satisfied to call myself a Satanist. Still, I looked more into it, then came across Demonolatry. Specifically, I came across this very site you are reading from. I looked at it a few times, but only in 2015 did I look through a lot more of it. And since my studies into Demonology, my newest goal on the spiritual level, is to be a real Demonolator. Though, I still have much to learn, I feel, and so it doesn’t feel right to call myself a true Demonolator just yet.

Since the time of my first dream with Lucifer though, I’ve had more dreams with demons throughout the months and years after. But I have also had real life experiences with demons, I feel. Specifically, I have encountered eight or nine other different demons, though I am unsure if I have interacted with Beelzebub or Verrine. It’s a feeling I have, but not absolute certainty. Either way, the Demons that have visited me are the ones whom offer and wish to work with me in the future, and me to feel it is those specific ones I wish to work with.

In the end, it is a certainty that ever since the first dream I had of Lucifer, my interest and perspective of Demons has truly changed. It is something I’d like to continue to learn more of, and hopefully one day fully practice with. Currently, my living situation really pulls down what I can and can’t openly do, but I’ve been able to do a few things privately, such as pray. So I am satisfied with this, and believe I was meant to get into Demonolatry, with the help of Lucifer opening me up to it fully.

Now I understand Demons a lot better, and I respect them more. I thank them for making this possible for me, guiding and watching over me, and for their protection. I hope I can make them proud, and strengthen bonds that can be made. With that, I hope you enjoyed reading this. It is my first time making a blog to public like this, I hope it did good for the audience.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May Lucifer light your path and Satan give you strength. Naamah.  – Ange

Evolution into what?

The other day I happened to defend the Book of Oberon from the idea that the king of Fairies is somehow a forgery of Daniel Herms and James. R Clark, by remembering the fact that his presence predates John Dee (which by any means wasn’t even intended to debate the person making the original affirmation because I don’t even know him or his tradition, heck I’m not really the one to judge him either), which probably was the influence in Elizabetian England to make a play starring him by William Shakespeare, Oberon is nowhere is Slavic traditions or probably not even in traditional Draoich that I know of, but somebody wrote magic about him along Satan and other spirits, which was the core of treasure hunting magicians (Which after checking dates kind of made me wish for a second Alexander Willit was pirate, I know its probably bullshit from my own wishful thinking but picture this: (Meeting a raspy voice in the Darkness saying “I’m Captan’ Alexander Wilit, to the service of her majesty Elizabeth I, and scurvy dog of our unholiest lord of hell, Satan”, Tell me that ain’t a picture to blow everyone out of their underwear right where they are standing?!).

I have for years seen magicians fighting over who is more right than who, where can they get more sources, what is traditional and what is not, if the Necronomicon is Legit, if they feel unimpressed with chaos magic, and well Deamonolatry has had its good share of slamming over generations, and after a few praising of my stance on the whole Oberon thing, I got some positive attention.. that I probably didn’t even deserved much because I just pointed some facts of things that anyone could have probably checked for from the Book of Treasure Spirits by David Rankine, I’m not sure how that gives me cookie mage points but I appreciate the positive attention to a grade I’m too bashful to admit, but it also it begs to consider when other people or even us have given the same treatment to things we are doubtful about.

Still its strange, Daemonolatry its hardly out from scrutiny by a lot of Traditionally purist mages, specially if they want to point out about the lack of information on Alexander, or how nothing surfaced to public until the 60s, and at this point a lot of you have raised a brow and said “So what?”, I’ve heard some of the Daemonolatry practitioners have grown into the tradition from birth, and kept it in the family, a lot of you aren’t really checking what other magicians are into these days and even less interested into making much of an ecumenical interchange of things that where never in contradiction in the first place.

We live in times where diversity should makes us richer, except it doesn’t, internet gives us access to all the information around the world and somehow, we have never ever been less excited about it.

Is it that a lot of people interested in esoteric themes sometimes are weird and looking for quick power to make all their dreams come true from night over?, is that some of those guys happened to have tinfoil hats and where sure the Reptilian Annunaki where going to suck our brains right from their Planet X?, are they just old farts resisting change and look newer traditions as a Millenial thing and hate us for our iEnns and Skateboards?

True to that everyone’s esoterically development its quite different, not only that, how they embody it its quite enormously different and you can see it even in their personality, some Solomonic Magicians are very true to a very sort of Judeo-Christian idea in the way that the Jews disliked the old rites to Baal’Sabaoth because they left offering left to rot until they where covered with flies, that’s why they came up with the name Belzebuth in the first place, and they might not see it exactly that way now but if you cannot get the spectrum of the spirit beyond the opposing idea, it creates a pattern of behavior that continues even if its not the original intention as long as you keep associating a spirit to the same things, you cannot grasp the whole potential of interacting with it, that why I do care about History as much as practice, because once you go to the roots of some things you can make a multilayered spectrum of things you can add into practice, but when new practices are made and new spirit names come and technique and theory that hasn’t been written before in history adds on top the rejection is imminent, and Magicians that are usually in established lodge traditions usually shoot first, and followers make echo.

But if you think about it the Sloane texts don’t have Millennia, Enochian doesn’t Have Millennia of being written, not all the spirits described by John Dee where known from biblical times, and certainly Oberon its no where to be found in the Bible or Sumerian or Egyptian or Greek traditions, so by the standard of today’s magicians John Dee actually doesn’t pass the test by that logic in the late 1500’s, then Samuel L McGregor Mathers, Israel Regardie, Aleister Crowley would fare even worst, by those terms, and to the esoteric tradition that saw the incarceration of Giordano Bruno they where the chaos magicians riding their Neomasonic Style with all those checkered floors and LVX… things.

So why bash Richard Dukante for not accommodating to the traditions?, Why grabbing into the lack of data about Alexander Wilit and say, “But you don’t have enough proof, where is your evidence?”…

And somehow no one asks for evidence on that the guys who wrote the Sloane texts, the Grimoires, or John Dee where where legit, most of those guys where Anonymous, and one of them even moonlighted as a pope so everyone would think he was legit (or not burnable in a fire).

I can see why S Ben Qayin is kind of effed with the whole legit discussions lately, because they have becomed a whole vortex pointless arguments, because by strictly scientifical data the Necronosimon has the same validity as Liber al Vel Legis and the Bible, and while some people feel “Become a Living God” is pretentious marketing selling pseudo spirituality to the capitalist public, some other people spend tons of money and time in the hope of finding the Philosophers Stone and their labs and mysteriously heal all the diseases by reciting over and over Psalms, and deem it totally aceptable.

Some times they come to shove their Gold and platinum spoons to my face, other they die from a sore throat because they refused to take antibiotic, but in the bashing end how old or new a technique is probably has to do more about our incapabilty to trust what other people is doing and specially when has notorious differences and less with if its legit or not, because by all means judging legitimacy by age is a double standard, because in that regard we wouldn’t have a Greco-Egyptian Tradition in the first place, because by the Greek state religion of ancient time there was no reason to have a Greco-Egytian tradition, and yet somehow somebody did, and we don’t even know who that someone is, and yet there is a Greco-Egyptian tradition, there is a Hermanubis, a combination of two gods of different cultures that by the Athenian standard should have not been, after all Cthonic religions of the Thracians was shunned and looked down, and somehow even after all those years we have just been repeating over and over the same pattern of behavior, when somebody mentions the void and chaos, and darkness there a lot of people rolling eyes like “Oh these goths talking about dark stuff again”, but if their rites have a Typhon and Apophis, or you are required to repeat the travel of Osiris to the underworld with Anubis guidance and is told by a well established Lodge Master, nobody in social media is batting an eye.

And don’t get me wrong, I know where a lot of the Lodge Leaders in other traditions come from, I know they have their own trajectory made in blood and sweat and I know some of them have gained love and respect for good reasons, and that probably is the very reason they are resisting some things with every cell in their bodies and smugly firing shots some things come up in conversation, its kind of understandable, but not justifiable in this day and age.

Tranhumanism is upon us (No is not a pipedream unlike some have said, its here and its gradually taking strength and interest, and I will slap you with a giant photo of Neil Harbisson if need some evidence), our curriculums are loosing terrain against artificial intelligence everyday, and if we are going to resist all that is new as unfounded, It is going to be a shock that your grand kids might be more interested to work with XaTuring than any of the old Traditions, at least he makes sense with their neural implants for augmented reality live neural feeds.

Here this post dedicated to  the magical community in general not asking you to change anything you are doing right now, but to consider everyone’s space in a little less judgmental way.

Jadean Lazulli.

Addendum: This blog does not justify in any way going to another person’s group that is entirely focused on there; or to an author of certain tradition and make your posture, If you don’t like something being discrete is the better part of valor, that’s why I wrote this point of view in on here instead of smearing it all over Facebook

And all being said work both ways because Respect is two way road.

The Myth of the Magickal Quick-Fix

I receive emails weekly where someone wants me to make them a pact, item, amulet, fetish, oil, incense, or other mixture that will magickally fix all their life’s ills. As if possessing the item alone, or having someone else do the work for them will allow them to sit back and collect their millions, their fame, and all the sex they want.


What most people don’t seem to realize is that all of these things – these items of magick and magickal operations are just TOOLS the magician uses to cause change in conformity with one’s will. When you buy a magickal item (including spirit vessels) or you have someone make a pact on your behalf – you still have to make the item your own, or sign that pact. YOU. Not the magician who made it for you.


I have been writing a series of chapbooks called The Daemonolater’s Guide covering a lot of these frequently desired items to explain to people how to use them, what they are and ARE NOT, and what realistic expectations should look like.


Magick isn’t like Harry Potter. You can’t just wave your sparking wand, scream “Stupify!” and poof — your enemy is incapacitated. I wish it were that simple because if it were, everyone would practice magick, and everyone’s life would be picture perfect.


The general rule of thumb when it comes to alleged “magickal quick fixes” is that if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is. Just because you’re a practicing magician does not mean you need to throw all common sense and reason out the window. Magick is an exercise to cause change in conformity with your will. Not a get-quick-rich scheme or a get-out-of-jail-free card. Magickal items are tools not surefire ways to get the girl/guy, or solve all your money problems. You have to know how to use the tools to get those kinds of results, and learning to master a tool can take years. After all – anyone can own paints and a paintbrush, but it can take years and years of honing skills to become an accomplished painter. Very rare is it to meet someone for whom any given magickal skill is innate and requires no effort.  Translation: Even born magicians have to learn to navigate their gifts or talents.


All of this said, let me introduce the Daemonolater’s Guides, little chapbooks that put the common-sense and realistic expectations back into the mythologies and misconceptions surrounding certain magickal and esoteric topics!

Daemonic Possession – I can’t believe how many times I get asked about Daemonic Possession and the crazy-ass misconceptions out there about this one. Find out what Daemonic Possession is and why it actually happens. Also – learn the difference between channeling and possession.

Daemonic Pacts – A pact is not the cure-all to all your ills. Learn the proper creation and use of pacts, and learn to adjust your expectations from Faust – to reality.

Daemonic Offerings – There are a lot of people who think Daemons must be offered the first born, the lives of people or animals, or that all Daemons require blood, but this just isn’t true. Learn the how, where, why, and what of Daemonic Offerings.

Spirit Keeping & Spirit Vessels – Spirit Keeping is all the rage! But mere possession of an alleged spirit/Daemon/djinn trapped in an item does not guarantee a quick fix to all life’s problems. As a matter-of-fact – you may have just gotten ripped off. This little guide gives you the scoop on spirit vessels, including how to properly make them and how to adjust your expectations.

Daemonolatry Groups – The mythical Daemonolatry group is just like any other and often has the same benefits and drawbacks as any social/magickal/spiritual group. This guide offers advice on how to navigate groups and again, adjust your expectations.

Sex, Money & Power  – Usually when people contact me about wanting a magickal quick fix — these are the three main things they’re after. If this is what you want, this little guide will tell you how to get it via Daemons and Magick, replete with realistic expectations.


More Daemonolater’s Guides coming!