Raising Hell

This month I didn’t do a post on the second because the end of the year for me means chaos at work. However I was given a rare opportunity to read the pre-print copy of S. Connolly’s Infernal Colopatiron and it inspired this random post that isn’t even on my day so I hope the blog police don’t show up.

One of the perks of being an old-timer in this community is I get to see books before they come out. After I finished this book I had to take a day to absorb it. The next day I read it again. I think I was in shock because I was still surprised by what I’d read.  I am still in awe of the scope of this book and here’s why:

Many books claim to be what this one actually is. In all my years as a working goetic and grimoiric magician and in all the years I’ve worked with demons, I’ve never seen or used a book like this. It speaks to the modern adept and lays bare the fundamental elements necessary to work successful gate opening and theophany.

Naturally I decided to test drive one of the smaller rituals contained in it last night.  After the gates were opened my power went out, then my candles went out,  and a figure walked across my line of vision from left to right moving from one end of the room to the other and then it vanished. I was the only person home. I was not using any mind altering substances and I am mentally sound. I’ve made up my mind about this book based on my experience.

My opinion is that the information Infernal Colopatiron contains is treasured mana for those of us who are tired of introductory books and are looking for something fresh, powerful, and inspiring.  It’s my opinion that a copy should be sitting on every serious magician’s bookshelf.

Yes, I did get a free copy of the book for reading it, but you should also know that I spent the money and bought myself an additional copy and bought a copy for a friend. Usually I just take my free copy and let my friend buy his own.

To get this book go here.