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A Public Statement From Goetic Nick

I didn’t post earlier this month. Instead, I’d like to follow the Guest Post with some of my own thoughts about the recent “drama” in the Demonolatry community. I’d like to clarify that it all started because of one person’s ignorance -I don’t think I’m using this term unfairly- and desperation to be respected as […]

Goetia and Necromancy

It makes sense being my internet handle is Goetic Nick that I discuss necromancy and the Goetia. Goetia has a handful of necromancers Demons (or genii if you prefer).  The beauty of the Goetia ritual is it is a scrying ritual which makes it a perfect communication device or tool for communicating with the other side. Obviously since I […]

Crossing Da’ath Without Drowning

Many years ago I attempted to keep a blog. I procrastinate too much so it didn’t work out. However, one thing I did discuss at some length was whether or not the magician needed to be deconstructed while crossing Da’ath.  I know this is a point with a lot of magicians. Some believe that the […]