Goetia and Necromancy

It makes sense being my internet handle is Goetic Nick that I discuss necromancy and the Goetia. Goetia has a handful of necromancers Demons (or genii if you prefer).  The beauty of the Goetia ritual is it is a scrying ritual which makes it a perfect communication device or tool for communicating with the other side. Obviously since I believe we can talk to the dead I also believe in life after death but not in the Christian sense of heaven or hell.

I won’t stand here and pretend to know the exact nature of life-after-death. I don’t think anyone knows for sure, but I do believe only because I’ve worked with Goetia to reach those on the other side. I have the benefit of having a spouse I practice with. I work as the operator and she works as the medium with whom the spirits communicate.

With Goetia this operation can be effectively accomplished by working with Bune, my personal choice for necromancy, and using the Demonolatry method to construct the Goetic operation. I place the black mirror with Bune’s sigil on the back in an oleum laced with our blood in the triangle on the northwest quadrant just outside the circle.  I invoke Bune and state exactly what I want from the operation. “Bune, appear, I call upon you. For I wish to communicate with Aunt Martha from beyond the veil.” I do not use evocation for this operation since I don’t believe you can resurrect the dead from within yourself. My wife, who wears Bune’s lamen, will then peer into the mirror and relay what she sees. Sometimes she channels the spirits that appear there.

Some Demonolaters will also part the veil as part of the operation. Since I don’t consider myself a regular necromancer, or one who works with the dead regularly, I only work necromancy in the autumn when the veil is thinnest.

I hope this post has offered some ideas for your own magical work this October Rite to Eury, or Bune.

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  1. Giovanni

    I went to a shrine in Japan dedicated to a dead emperor. One of the traditions there is to write your prayer request on a wooden tablet which will subsequently be burned by the Priest . Question: if I were to write my wish and then put the sigil of oSAMIGINA on this tablet with a note “SAMIGINA bring his message to the emperor” could this work?

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