A Public Statement From Goetic Nick

I didn’t post earlier this month. Instead, I’d like to follow the Guest Post with some of my own thoughts about the recent “drama” in the Demonolatry community. I’d like to clarify that it all started because of one person’s ignorance -I don’t think I’m using this term unfairly- and desperation to be respected as an authority in Demonolatry and to gain accolades that were not earned. It happened because one person made a choice to speak for an entire community and that choice demeaned the rest of us and made us look like a bunch of rebellious teen-aged devil worshipers.

I don’t know about all of you, but I get  annoyed when I’m represented by a stereotype who makes my brethren and I look like stereotypes.

A lot of people think I’m an asshole. I can be. Just ask S. Connolly or M. Delaney and anyone else who knows me. Both of them, my wife, and even my friends have told me what an asshole I am. This doesn’t bother me one bit and let me explain why. I am a fine tuned bullshit detector. When I see bullshit, I call it like I see it. I am not going to blow smoke up anyone’s ass or beat around the bush. I tell all of my occult author friends that if you don’t want my criticism, don’t write books, teach classes or go onto live radio because at that point, you are fair game. I will tell you what I honestly thought, point out any mistakes you made, and if I think you’re wrong, I’ll tell you why. If you can’t take the criticism that comes with being an author or a speaker, then you probably shouldn’t be speaking or writing.

As someone who has been practicing Demonolatry for a lot of years, I think I have a right to criticize things said about Demonolatry that are clearly bullshit. If the longtime practitioners don’t criticize the bullshit, how will those just starting out be able to tell the truth from bullshit?

I do not tell lies. Everything I say is true and I can back it up with facts. If you want facts, email me a [email protected] and I’ll give you facts that you can verify yourself. All I gave was a direct, honest, fact based criticism of said author and if that person can’t handle that, they shouldn’t be writing books or public speaking about the subject matter. When you do or say something untrue about someone else or a group of people, or you start accusing people of being unfair, or start dissing someone else’s (Luciferian) belief system – people have a right to respond. When you lie, cheat, or steal (including plagiarism), there are consequences. You need to accept self-responsibility.

I accept responsibility for being an asshole. I’m not sorry for my honesty and I shouldn’t have to be. I also don’t mind if someone is up front and honest with me. After all if I give tough criticism I better be able to take it. Fair is fair, right?

If you can dish it, but you can’t take it – you should get out of the game.

That is exactly the problem of the person the drama was centered around. She can dish tons of criticism on the demonolatry community for not being respectful enough, or hate on the Luciferians and blame everyone else for her shortcomings, but she won’t take self responsibility or criticism. She won’t respect occult authors she disagrees with and will publicly criticize them, but she certainly expects respect from those same authors.

That’s not how life works. You can’t shit on people, and shit on people, and shit on people, and then turn around and expect them to give you their respect and/or friendship. You also can’t expect strangers to NOT criticize you out of sheer “respect”. You also can’t expect to walk into an established community of seasoned practitioners (many who don’t even know you – by your own admission) as if you own the place and you’re some sort of expert and expect them to dote on you, praise you, and respect you as an authority when it’s obvious your understanding of Demonolatry is lacking. 

If I’m wrong, feel free to tell my why and call me an asshole in the comments below.

Or maybe I should have titled this post FIVE WAYS NOT TO TRY TO BECOME A RESPECTED OCCULT AUTHOR.

1. Do not plagiarize other writers material. I don’t care if you found it on the web, that doesn’t mean you can claim it as your own.

2. Do not downgrade other belief systems or authors. It’s a small world. Believe me.

3. Do not think you can walk into a community whose members you either barely know or don’t know and try to pass yourself off as knowing what you’re talking about when you really don’t. The long time practitioners will know the difference.

4. Do not go on an internet radio show and make a complete ass of yourself.

5.  Do not think you will never be criticized.