Manifesting the Demon Within

I find myself sometimes exasperated by those practitioners who come to Demonolatry hoping the Demons will fix their lives. The obvious observation being that we often create the condition of our own lives by the decisions we make.

We all make choices from what to wear, to what to eat, to what activities we fill our time with. Manifesting the Demon within is also a choice. We can choose to listen to our inner voice and reason or we can ignore it. Listening to the Demon within seems impossible for some people.

Whether it’s because some people are self-destructive and ignore reason and facts to their own detriment or they’re just incapable of processing informtaion in a logical way they just can’t seem to make decisions that will benefit them overall. There are some simple steps for learning to listen to your inner Demons, or divine intelligences, and I assure you it can make your life a lot easier.

Some people automatically make good decisions so good for them. For the rest of you, here’s a handy list of questions that might help.

1. What are the consequences, good and bad, of this decision?

2. What do I have to gain?

3. What do I have to lose?

4. Would I want the person I love the most to make this decision? (If no, why?)

5. Does my gut tell me this is right? (If a decision is really wrong, most mentally healthy people will know by how it makes them feel.)

6. Are there other options? (If yes repeat the questions for each option).

Pardon me if the following sounds rude.

An example of a decision made without intelligence (demon, human or other): I never finish anything so I’m going to enroll in college and take out a hefty loan to pay for it.

An example of a decision made with manifested divine intelligence: I never finish anything so I’m going to start small and start making goals and force myself to finish them. Meanwhile, I’ll work and save up money and if I can prove to myself that I can actually follow through and finish something, then I’ll consider enrolling in college after shopping around for a loan that won’t put me into debt for the rest of my life.

Yes, the second decision will take longer to work though, but it suggests self-knowledge and a geniune interest in wanting to change. Whereas the first decision sets the person up for failure by taking on something they obviously cannot handle.

This kind of decision making skill applies to a lot of things. I can’t begin to tell you how many people I’ve known who chose to buy a video game over paying their rent. Or choosing a girlfriend or boyfriend over a job.  Then they cry to me about how terrible their life is and how they can’t get ahead. How they’re in debt up to their ears or how they might get evicted from their apartment. Then after this lament I’m often asked how the Demonic can help them fix what they screwed up.

Manifesting the Demon within is that first step. The Demon being divine intelligence. It is as simple as exercising good decision making skills. It’s up to you, not the Demonic, to fix those things in your life that you screwed up by making poor decisions. The Demonic can only present the opportunity, you’re the one who has to recognize the opportunity and take it.

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