Resolutions or Goals?

I’m not a resolution man. Resolutions are for people who have no intention of really doing what they resolve to do.  They are feeble promises we make to ourselves about superficial things. My wife keeps making resolutions to eat less sugar and more vegetables and it hasn’t happened yet.

Goals are something I can get behind because those seem to be more well-thought statements of intent. What is magic other than a statement of intent for change and understanding? It’s pretty much the same thing.

I think it’s important when we set goals to make them reachable and realistic and as my friend Steph always says, be specific. It’s great to say that this year you’re going to learn tarot but it’s better to say this week you’re going to meditate on the death card for at least an hour. It’s even better to say today you’re going to meditate on the death card. Then the following day pick another card. The ultimate goal may be to learn tarot by the end of the year but if you break that task down into smaller tasks it’s more manageable to work with.

The same goes for meditation. If your goal is to meditate more this year like Frank mentioned yesterday is his goal, start with five minutes a day and work yourself into a steady practice, slowly increasing the time as you go. Do not jump in and try to do too much, or leave your time frame so open that you’re able to push it off to another day over and over again or you’ll never do anything.

That’s the difference between a resolution and a goal. Resolutions are sweeping statements of intent without attention to the steps to getting there. Goals are statements of intent with focus on the steps to achieve the result you want.

If you work at meeting small goals steadily you are going to get through things faster and reach your end goals faster. This doesn’t just go for magic or spiritual stuff. It goes for everything. The more goals you reach the more effect you have on your life and the more you truly become the magician who creates his own world.

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  1. benjamin

    Hey man, I started using the lesser key years ago. These days its all in my head, aside from daily prayers and admonishments I dont even pratice ritual anymore. But its lonely being solitary. I’ve never tried to contact anyone else who practices.I didnt even know there were people like me. So get back to me if you would. I’d like to talk with somone who shares the same beliefs.

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