Readings by S. Connolly 

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CURRENTLY BOOKING FEBRUARY. If you need a reading immediately, please book an EMERGENCY READING. For regular clients – if you need your new year reading in December or early January, contact me and we can try to make some arrangement. Also be sure to read this entire page to make sure your expectations of your reading are realistic. NO REFUNDS.

All readings are done via email unless other arrangements are made. This means you do not need to be present. Ms. Connolly will do the reading and send it to you when she is done.

Updated 11/20/2021

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Now Scheduling for the following dates – February 6 (3 slots) and February 13 (3 slots). March dates coming soon. (Send me an email for scheduling.) Emergency readings can always be fit in.

If you need a reading immediately you are welcome to order an emergency reading provided I am not out of town (see pricing in the store) – or you’re welcome to contact one of the other readers!


First and foremost – I am NOT a psychic or a magic 8 ball. I do not guarantee that the cards, spirits, etc… will tell you exactly what you want to hear (or know). Whatever you tell me WILL color my perception of the reading, so if you would prefer that not to happen – tell me nothing. I get some people who seek to test me by asking false questions. When you ask a question I assume you’re being sincere and truthful and my perception will color the reading. It’s impossible for it not to. I am only human – so I will be reading the cards and cues I get based on that question (true or false).  I’m an empath and I communicate with spirits. I read impressions, feelings, visions, clairaudient cues, etc…  This also means that I can’t give you the winning lottery numbers, sorry.

I have been practicing various forms of divination for 37 years, and reading tarot for 33 years.

Remember: Readings are for GUIDANCE and INSIGHT. Not all-knowing future predictions. If you’re looking for a magic 8 ball – you won’t find it here. Don’t waste my time or yours.

Also – know up front that  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. You are paying me for my time and expertise. By the time I deliver your reading – my time was already spent doing the work.  The only time I will refund your money is if I am unable to read for you (i.e. something blocks me so completely that I get nothing, or I just can’t get to you). It is VERY rare for that to happen. So please keep this in mind BEFORE you order a reading. Thank you.

Feel free to send any questions to .

This page is updated often. Please check back here to make sure of pricing (and to be sure I’m offering the type of reading you want) before sending money!

I NO LONGER DO SKYPE READINGS FOR NEW CLIENTS DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS. If you are a regular client, or local, you can schedule with me for an in-person or Skype reading by contacting me at

SCHEDULING READINGS — first come first serve! Once a client pays for a reading, one of my assistants or I put it on the schedule. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, feel free to send a follow up email. Whoever pays first and schedules first gets to go first.  Please note that my reading days are scheduled and firm. I do not do readings outside my scheduled days unless it’s an emergency or special arrangements are made.

I reserve the right to refuse readings to anyone.

Disclaimer (Required by Law): Tarot readings, astrology reports, etc. are for ‘entertainment purposes only’. If you need medical, financial, legal, or mental health assistance, please seek out a professional in that field. Only persons over the age of 18 may legally have a reading, except with parental permission.