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About Readings: 

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First and foremost – I am NOT a psychic or a magic 8 ball. I do not guarantee that the cards, spirits, etc… will tell you exactly what you want to hear (or know). Whatever you tell me WILL color my perception of the reading, so if you would prefer that not to happen – tell me nothing.  I get some people who seek to test me by asking false questions. When you ask a question I assume you’re being sincere and truthful and my perception will color the reading. It’s impossible for it not to. I am only human – so I will be reading the cards and cues I get based on that question (true or false).  I’m an empath and I communicate with spirits. I read impressions, feelings, visions, clairaudient cues, etc…  This also means that I can’t give you the winning lottery numbers, sorry.

I have been practicing various forms of divination for 33 years, and reading tarot for 30 years.

Remember: Readings are for GUIDANCE and INSIGHT. Not all-knowing future predictions. If you’re looking for a magic 8 ball – you won’t find it here. Don’t waste my time or yours.

Also – know up front that  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. You are paying me for my time and expertise. By the time I deliver your reading – my time was already spent doing the work.  The only time I will refund your money is if I am unable to read for you (i.e. something blocks me so completely that I get nothing, or I just can’t get to you). It is VERY rare for that to happen. So please keep this in mind BEFORE you order a reading. Thank you.

Feel free to send any questions to .

This page is updated often. Please check back here to make sure of pricing (and to be sure I’m offering the type of reading you want) before sending money!

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READINGS – See Available Dates 

Please note that I’m currently in the midst of convention/event season, which means there are many weekends I’ll have things going on and just won’t have time to do readings. Due to this, I have to stick to a strict schedule for readings, probably through the end of October. Now Scheduling for:


  • September 16 – 4 Slots Available
  • September 23 – 4 Slots Available

I NO LONGER DO SKYPE READINGS DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS. If you are local, you can schedule with me for an in-person reading by contacting me via email to see what I have available.

Tarot Readings 

Quick Tarot

I will do a three card draw to give you brief insight into any situation within 7 days of your order (I will contact you to schedule you).

Cost: $15 per three card draw

Basic Tarot

I will perform readings via e-mail for those who want them. No need to ask me any specific question if you don’t have one.  Readings are a modified celtic cross spread and will generally pick up what you absolutely need to know right now. If you do want me to concentrate on a certain area (i.e. love life, work life etc…) let me know.  You can get as many of these readings as often as you wish. I do these readings via email. IF you want a face-to-face reading, see Skype Readings below Reading fee must be paid up front in order to schedule.

Cost: $35.00  per spread

Your Year Ahead Reading Tarot: Cost $40

Your year ahead reading offers information for the coming 12 months (not including the current month) and will give you the highlights of each month.


Your Year Ahead Reading Tarot (with Daemons): Cost $50

Your year ahead reading offers information for the coming 12 months (not including the current month) and will give you the highlights of each month along with a Daemon to work with each month in the coming year to make your year more productive and successful.

Tarot Counseling Session: Cost $100

I will do all of the above readings in one session and provide the results. That means you will get a year ahead with Daemons (or without Daemons if you prefer, just let me know), a basic full tarot reading on the topic of your choice(or just a general reading) AND a quick draw three card spread on a single question or issue you have. These readings will need to be scheduled in advance since they take longer.

Daemonolatry Readings: Cost: $150.00

I will perform an ascension or channeling session for you (at my own leisure  – unless you pay for a Skype reading @ $250 per hour with a 1 hour minimum) and give you suggested path guidelines and information about the Daemons that show up and have an interest in working with you. I will also pass along personal messages given to me. This is done via email because it gives me the opportunity to do the work when it best suits the connection, and how I’m feeling, both of which can be wishy-washy when we start throwing specific times into the mix.  If you’ve gotten this type of reading from me in the past 6 months, please hold off for at least six months before getting another. It’s very unlikely the Daemons will have anything new to add.  Also, in the rare instance you pay for a reading and the Daemons have nothing for you – I will refund your money. This has only happened a couple of times, but it does sometimes happen.  Sadly I cannot force the Daemonic to have something to say to you or about you. They either have a message of insight or they don’t.  Please note – these readings are very popular and VERY draining for me to perform. See days above for scheduling. Also understand that if you have specific questions – you may ask those!!! You aren’t limited to getting a generalized reading with this type of reading.  Reading fee must be paid up front in order to schedule.


Magickal-Based Natal Chart Readings

I will read your natal chart and deliver it to you via email. This reading will tell you where your magickal strengths and  where potential weaknesses are, your elemental breakdown, and may even suggest courses of study for you to maximize your full potential as a magician. You must send me your exact time, date (including year) of birth and the city, state, and/or country where you were born.  If I need more information I’ll contact you. These readings take several hours and cannot be done face-to-face.  Reading fee must be paid up front in order to schedule.

Cost: $60.00

Spirit Readings

To just find out which Spirits/Daemons/Deceased Relatives are around you (you must send me a photograph of yourself) – $35.00  

To find out if the spirits (Daemonic or other) have any basic messages for you. (No follow up, no questions) – $50.00 

SCHEDULING READINGS — first come first serve! My assistant, Frank Domovoi, schedules readings once people have paid. Whoever pays first gets to go first.  Please note that my reading days are scheduled and firm. I do not do readings outside my scheduled days unless special arrangements are made.

I reserve the right to refuse readings to anyone.

Disclaimer (Required by Law): Tarot readings, astrology reports, etc. are for ‘entertainment purposes only’. If you need medical, financial, legal, or mental health assistance, please seek out a professional in that field. Only persons over the age of 18 may legally have a reading, except with parental permission.

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