Spring beckons…..

Spring beckons. The equinox has passed, but where is spring I ask ? I sit here in my part of the UK. It is 32 degrees F (zero degrees C). This time last year I was basking in 68-70 degrees, with sunshine !

I am now thinking about the future. Is global warming to blame for this weather, and what is in store ? Is it man made ? Are we to blame ? I think of the tarot card – the wheel of fortune, and the medicine wheel of the shaman. Both use the wheel, giving the idea of rotation and cyclicity. Is this weather and the global warming simply part of a cycle ? Just because we have never seen it before doesn’t mean it isn’t cyclic – It may just be part of a long cycle.

The idea of cycles is well documented in occult literature. Enochian Physics relies on the great breath (see earlier editions of the Black Serpent) as a foundation of its basis, but again we see that breathing is a cycle. It is sadly only science, where unless there is documented evidence of previous happenings of cyclic activity, science will refute it. There is plenty of evidence to support ideas of cyclic mass extinctions, ice ages, but science refutes much of this since a driving force cannot be found.

So, the question is, do we believe science or the idea of cycles as indicated by occult literature and past civilisations ?

2 thoughts on “Spring beckons…..

  1. Cryptikro

    I believe that it is not completely in the norm of the cycle however due to global warming and human intervention I believe that the world will reset itself much faster and their may be something to purge this world and life to start anew. but this is all theory as you would also know because of what you stated on science. however if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. . . . .it might just be a duck

    1. Sentinel

      Global warming is a scam – Mount St Helens put more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than humans have ever managed since we’ve been here. Besides, co2 doesn’t cause the warming, its the other way around ! Thats why I say its a cycle.


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