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I have just logged on after many a year. Read some of my own posts. I must have been useful and quite clever in my past. Back in 2011 I mentioned panic attacks. Still suffer from them. Sometimes, personal demons are very hard to beat. Sometimes life can be very hard work, and quitting the […]

Old Grimoires in Modern Times

First off, apologies that this is two days late. Work ‘difficulties’ ! Please forgive me. In today’s modern times, very few are interested in the ‘old sciences’ as I would call them. In exactly the same way that very few people today have the requisite knowledge to fix a broken steam engine, very few people […]

Yuletide Blessings

That time of year is upon us again. Many of us of course do not celebrate christmas. I do funnily enough, since the family would think it odd if I withheld. They do not complain about my beliefs so I so no reason why I should not return the favour and join in the spirit […]

Religion and Spirituality

This months topic is religion and spirituality. First off, it is my belief that religion is not necessarily spiritual. Many people claim to be of various religions but are about as spiritual as a dog turd (obviously I have no knowledge that dog turds aren’t spiritual, but hopefully you get my meaning !) People can […]