A Hearty Thank You

On behalf of all the bloggers at demonolatry.org, I’d like to thank all of our readers. This blog currently reaches over 50 public followers and over 125 people follow this blog privately via email. I know sometimes our bloggers are irregular with their posts, but we wanted to let all of you know how much we appreciate your support and thank you for taking the time to follow us.

I also apologize for not posting this month’s introductory post. We’re trying a new thing this year where our bloggers choose the monthly topic, the monthly Demons,  or a topic of their own choosing to blog about every month.

Our blogging schedule is as follows:

February:  Pro and/or Con for Evangelical Demonolatry

March: Magical languages and when to use them

April: Kasdeya: to do or not to do.

May: Where does prayer fit into your practice

June: Favorite Demon(s) to work with and why.

July: Is spiritual Demonolatry as important as the magical work? Find out what our bloggers think!

August: As you grow in knowledge should your Patron/Matron be changed or added to? Find out what our bloggers think!

September:   Reading Recommendations.

October: We ask the bloggers: When is Ascension called for?

November: We ask the bloggers: Should sacrifices (real or imagined) ever be used in Demonolatry?

December: We give the bloggers a stick, and a stone, and a vial of water. See what they do with it!

Stay tuned!