A Spring time Cleansing Ritual

Spring has finally sprung here in New England and I am grateful for the change in the weather. Spring is all about out with the old, stagnant energy of winter and in with the invigorating, new energy of the season. But for some reason this year feels different, like the sludge of winter is still sticking around. Utilizing a cleansing ritual is just the thing to clear us and let us be ready for what the season has to offer.

I like easy when it comes to recharging my batteries, and this ritual is the epitome of simple yet effective.

Run a bath to your temperature preference and add to it, several sprigs of fresh rosemary, a cup of salt (any kind), Shaved fresh lemongrass, and a few drops of clary sage essential oil. Feel free to light some candles if it will help you to relax.

“Leviathan, as I sink beneath the waters bestow upon me a sense of balance once again into my life and my body. Allow the water to renew me as I was renewed through baptism. May the phoenix bring a new outlook that is not hampered by the heaviness of the world.”

Stay soaking in the bath until you feel that the water has done its job.