A Thinning Veil & Necromancy

The following blog post is from my personal website. I thought I’d share it here, too, as it’s relevant.

I was having a conversation with a friend last week about necromancy and the thinning of the veil. He made a passing comment about how October 31 is when the veil is thinnest. I had to stop and correct him because that’s not entirely true.

The reason October 31 is often celebrated as when the veil is thinnest is because Saturn in Scorpio (October 23- November 22) is the right combination that causes thinning of the veil to begin with, and October 31 is kind of right in there. But that’s the key phrase right there. Saturn (planet ruling Death) in Scorpio (the most psychic of the sun signs).  Genuine Saturn in Scorpio cycles  happen about every 28-30 years and last for about 2-2.5 years. Sure, you’ll get Saturn influence in Scorpio every year, but it’s nothing like a true Saturn in Scorpio transit.

So while the veil may always thin a little bit around October 31, it actually peaks around the second week of November and is really only at its thinnest point every 28-30 years.

And guess what? This year we entered a Saturn in Scorpio cycle (transit)! It started around October 5 and it will last until 2015.  Yep – that’s right! Saturn is currently in Scorpio! So for those necromancers who are really feeling it this year – this is why.  While a good necromancer can do his/her work at any time, the next three weeks will be prime for it.  Not just tonight. You’ll also enjoy this influence over your necromantic work until [January of] 2015! 🙂

Good luck in all your work and may the Death Daemonic be friendly unto you!