A Yule-Tide Message

I am going to try and keep this one short, as many of us are busy making preparations for the coming weeks.

This time of year usually brings out different emotions for many of us. Of course it is usually a happy time to gather with family and friends. But for those of us who don’t have family, or are forced to hide who we really are from certain people, it can become a difficult and sometimes depressing time of year. I am one such person.

While my spouse and close friends know the truth about my beliefs, members of the “older generation” of my family are still given half-truths and misdirections. Simply to avoid the pointless, yet inevitable, “saving” that would occur upon their discovery of my true beliefs. I quietly slip out of rooms when the bible-babble starts flowing. I patiently wait, staring hungrily at my food as they bow their heads and pray. I make up pointless stories as to why I am not attending the church service, and why I’m not “into” nativity scenes and Christmas songs. By the end of the season, I’ve been ready for it be over for at least a week. And it could all be avoided, if people would just be willing to accept others as they are, and stop trying to mold them into what what they believe is correct.

So, this Yule season, let’s make a serious effort to just let people be themselves. Let family and friends drop the pretense and facade that they project during family gatherings, and truly be themselves around those that are supposed to love them most. Because that truly is the only way to learn who a person is, and what is important to them. Otherwise, you can only know what they want you to believe, and what they want you to see.


Have a happy Yule Season, and a Wonderful Winter Solstice!