Abyssal Communion & Rite of Imbibement

Abyssal Communion

The long awaited guide to two of the most sought after rites is finally here.

The Abyssal Communion & Rite of Imbibement is a ritual guide for those wishing to learn and incorporate the beauty of the Abyssal Communion (sometimes called Elemental Communion) and Rite of Imbibement into their personal Daemonolatry practice. The book includes explanations of all the symbolism of every aspect of the ritual, as well as the processional used in the traditional version of the rite. This guide can be used by solitary practitioners, seminary students, and priests.

There are four versions of the book available. The first are the eReader versions, available for both Nook and Kindle eReaders. The second is the paperback version. Finally, there is the hardcover Temple Edition that can be used during more formal rites. Makes a great gift!

Printed: 40 Pages

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