When Good Goals Go Bad

I’ve talked before about setting magickal/spiritual goals for the new year, but I’ve never really talked about how to handle things when they go bad. Like – really bad.

Like, let’s pretend you said you would read all the occult books on your shelves at 2 books a month, and here it is, month three, and you’ve only read two chapters in a single book. What do you do? Beat yourself up mercilessly? Drop the goal completely? Or just shrug and say, “You know what? Tomorrow is another day.” and keep working at it until it finally becomes a priority? Or do you continue to take baby-steps toward the goal?

I like to point out to people that goals are just like lifestyle changes. They take some work. You have to have the mindset that you actually want to accomplish a thing, and if you actually want it — you will make time for it. Just like magick – intent is everything.

I did that this year. I decided to do a tarot journal for 2022! Pull cards every day, reflect on them during my nightly meditation.

So far, I’ve only pulled 5 of 7 days (actually 6, but I totally forgot to write January 3rd’s cards down – completely spaced yesterdays). By some accounts, people would say I’ve failed. But have I really?

6 out of 7 days isn’t bad (even if I did forget to record one), and I can still reflect on the previous week. Right?

So — your two chapters in 3 months isn’t 2 books every month, but it’s something, and you can build on that. Maybe find out where, in your schedule, you can find more time to read (or whatever it is for you). In my case, I need to come up with a routine that works for my tarot journaling. My 2022 is all about building routines that work better for me.

So instead of giving up, celebrate the small wins toward your goals, even if they’re tiny. And if you haven’t made any progress at all, forgive yourself and do one thing TODAY toward your goal, no matter how small. It all eventually adds up. To spring a writer-analogy on you all, 500 words a day for 100 days equals a 50,000 word novel. It adds up.

Tips for Navigating the Holidays When You’re Not Judeo-Christian

For those of us blessed with secular, open-minded, and/or atheistic families, this likely won’t be an issue for you. It’s usually not for me. There was the one year my family wanted to pray to Jesus before a meal, and I told them to go ahead, I’d wait. It made for an awkward moment, but I think it made the rest of my very secular family (minus one person in the family who is religious and who was the reason for the attempted prayer) think twice about trying that again because we haven’t prayed before a meal since.

However, not everyone is nearly as lucky as I am. Some of the people reading this may have grown up in very religious households, and it may make visiting family over the holidays (if you even talk to your family) a dreaded challenge rather than an anticipated pleasure.

Here are six things to consider when it comes to navigating holiday celebrations:

  1. You get to pick and choose your battles. Which hills are you willing to die on? Is bowing your head at the table and pretending to pray worth it just to keep the family peace? Only YOU get to decide which activities you want to participate in for the sake of harmony, or which fights you want to start. It’s not just your reaction to the other person that matters, it’s your actions. As a wise person once told me about human conflict: “The other person can be mad all they want, but that doesn’t mean you have to mad right back.” Let them be mad. Let them be wrong. That’s their choice.
  2. Set FIRM boundaries. Start out by saying, “We’d love to come for a holiday meal, but [insert boundary here].” For example: “We would only come if you agreed to only non-denominational prayer and no religious sermons.” or “If you don’t mind, me and my family will be quiet during the prayer, but we won’t pray with you. If you do mind, I’m afraid we won’t be able to participate.” (Exchange we for I, etc)
  3. Politely decline invitations to church (unless you’re curious what they get up to). If you do accept an invitation to a religious ceremony, be up-front about why you’re going (curiosity, just to be around family, and so on) so there are no expectations of conversion later on. Also, be super careful the whole church thing isn’t a trap for an exorcism or some crazy shit. Only you know your own family’s level of crazy, and if you think they might try something like that – decline, decline, decline. “Oh, no thank you.” If you feel you need an excuse, add to that, “I have something going on that night that can’t be canceled.”
  4. Be very clear, precise, up-front, and unemotional about your expectations and what you will and will not put up with. The more emotional you make it, the more dramatic and emotional it will become. Be comfortable and at peace with your choices and leave the emo-bullshit to everyone else.
  5. Try to turn everyone’s focus to the food, family, and fun as opposed to religious observance. (This is the beauty of having a secular and/or jack-Christian family. It’s already about food, family, and fun at that point.)
  6. Host a secular holiday event at your place or in tandem with another family member who doesn’t want to deal with the religious aspects of it, and just be unavailable for the actual holiday. Make it a potluck, and choose a few games to play, keeping religion completely out of it.

Of course, all of this said, I do know people who refuse to celebrate any form of Christmas, secular or not, and you can do that, too. Personally, I celebrate Solstice and Yule with my Daemonolatry and Pagan families, and secular Christmas with my atheist husband and immediate family. Do what is right for you and your situation. The Daemonic won’t smote you or be pissed off because you went to a Catholic mass with your 96-year-old grandmother just to spend time with her. Daemons are not Christian “devils” and they’re not at war with the Christian God and “angels” any more than I’m a Mormon taxidermist. ::sardonic grin::

Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor. Cheers and Happy December!

Using Multiple Tools

This month seems to have slipped right through my fingers. Over the past few months I have been finding myself using different oracle decks both in my professional work and in my daily practice, to help me gain a different perspective on things. I have even been using them in conjunction with my tarot cards while doing reads for clients.

Why should you use multiple tools if one is working well enough? Each deck, sigil, or rune has its own energy and in my experience, personality. Sometimes we need to have more than one opinion or take on a situation and just like we might speak with multiple doctors before undertaking a serious treatment, we can view using multiple tools as Divination’s equivalent to this approach.

Not all tools will like working with others. My Arthurian deck gives off a very negative vibe when I have tried pairing it with other decks, whereas my Ceremonial Magick deck and my Witches’ Tarot seem to have no issue if I am using my Earth Magick oracle or my Dukante sigil deck. I have found that the additional information that this gives me has made for more thorough readings and happier clients. Of course you have to keep in mind your audience when using different tools. Some people might get a bit upset if you pull out a deck of Daemons to enhance their reading! LOL

Try starting with 2 tools that you know well and that you have an established relationship with. I usually pull a few cards from one deck, read those and then use the alternative tools to give deeper clarification. There is no limit to how many tools that you can use in this technique, as long as you don’t get too bogged down in the process.

Using this approach has definitely helped my accuracy and moving forward I will continue to play to see which tools compliment each other best.

December 2021 Tarotscope

Welcome to December’s Tarotscope! I’m sipping a hot coffee as I write this, a heater running by my feet. Winter has arrived where I live, bringing with it half a foot of snow. Colorful lights now adorn the windows of our neighborhood in anticipation of a variety of holidays. May yours look as beautiful.

This month I’m using the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck, borderless edition. I looked for a decent, reasonably-priced printing of Smith and Waite’s deck for some time – and I finally found my match! Produced by the US Game System in 2017, it uses crisp lines and bright colors that reproduce Smith’s artwork in vivid detail. Just as importantly, the thick cardstock snaps beautifully and shuffles well for a mass-produced deck. I only wish it had come in something sturdier than a cheap tuck box. This deck immediately went into regular rotation!

All Signs – Strength Reversed; Aries – Justice Reversed; Taurus – King of Swords Reversed; Gemini – 6 of Pentacles; Cancer – Knight of Swords Reversed.

All Signs – Strength Reversed – We frequently go full throttle in December to meet year-end deadlines or to please loved ones with gifts and gatherings. Sadly, the weight of those obligations can strangle the joy out of the festivities, and many of us find ourselves depending on coffee, cigarettes, or other substances to coast through the occasion. Who hasn’t heard the joke about needing wine to last through Christmas dinner with the inlaws? While a glass or two rarely hurts, Strength Reversed cautions us not to lean too hard into our vices this month. The lion may seem tame, but remember his innate ferocity.

Aries – Justice Reversed – Be careful not to jump to conclusions this month, Aries! Situations arise this December where you’ll find it difficult to make decisions from an unbiased standpoint. You may want to go with your heart, but does your heart have all the facts? Get a firm grip on the details before you bring your foot down.

Taurus – King of Swords Reversed – A decision this month demands full use of both your logic and emotional wisdom, Taurus. If you base your choice on reason alone, without considering the feelings of others, you may be seen as cold, even cruel. Weigh the impact on everyone involved before making your move this December. That way you can avoid any damage in the future.

Gemini – Six of Pentacles – Those in need come with hands out in December. Luckily, the holiday season has put you in a giving mood. Just remember to treat yourself as generously as everyone else, Gemini. Energy and resources must circulate back to you to keep you healthy, through rest and self-care.

Cancer – Knight of Wands Reversed – Tempers flare when you run into unexpected obstacles in December. Rather than continue bashing your head into a wall, Cancer, step back and try using it instead. Give yourself a break to let your anger clear, and then plan a way through or around this barrier that can put your determination to work.

Leo – Star Reversed; Virgo – 9 of Pentacles Reversed; Libra – Ace of Swords; Scorpio – Nine of Cups Reversed.

Leo – Star Reversed – Careful not to flirt with overspending in your efforts to create the perfect holiday. Leo, could you be using gifts to distract from your vulnerability? Rather than pouring water in overflowing rivers, try addressing the source of the issue by caring for yourself instead. Every man, woman, and person is a star – including you.

Virgo – Nine of Pentacles Reversed – You find yourself with an ethical problem when you receive an unexpected and possibly expensive gift this December. Although you’re under no obligation to return the present, it’s all too easy to feel indebted or worry about the politeness of the exchange. Just remember the doors to your gilded cage are open, Virgo. You can always walk away from your gift and all the strings attached to it.

Libra – Ace of Swords – While many wind down 2021, you’ve already set your sights on January. You’re looking at how far you’ve come this year and picturing what’s needed to take you higher. Take the time to make plans to maximize next year’s potential. Your goals are within your grasp, Libra – imagine it.

Scorpio – Nine of Cups Reversed – Although the festive season provides many reasons to celebrate, Scorpio, it’s not fun you crave this December. Instead, you want a very special gift under the tree – and nothing else will do. Communicate your desires clearly, but discuss any dissatisfaction tactfully. A little appreciation for the efforts of loved ones will preserve the joy of the holidays.

Sagittarius – 8 of Cups; Capricorn – 2 of Cups; Aquarius – Ace of Wands; Pisces – 8 of Pentacles Reversed.

Sagittarius – Eight of Cups – The first whiff of sugar cookies nearly sends you running for the hills this year, Sagittarius. The thought of the food, the presents, the socializing… It overwhelms you. Recognize you need time away and schedule it whenever possible. It will make the remaining moments together all the more pleasant for everyone involved. 

Capricorn – Two of Cups – Seasonal gatherings deepen old connections and spark new alliances this December. Watch out for mutual interests and desires to bring parties together. Don’t take this kind of connection for granted. They are worth celebrating, holidays or not.

Aquarius – Ace of Wands – Many people wait until January to start new projects, but not you, Aquarius! The chance to create something fresh and exciting sparks passion in your life that you can’t ignore. You seized the opportunity to turn an idea into concrete reality and it will guide you through December.

Pisces – Eight of Pentacles Reversed – Faced with an abundance of seasonal pressures and holiday treats, you’re tempted to both slack off and overindulge this month, Pisces. While these satisfy in the short term, their consequences could last well into the new year. Don’t worry about perfection and just get moving. Good habits start with a single action.

That’s the end of this month’s Tarotscope. Hopefully, this look at the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck provided you with some insight for December. For a free daily draw, follow me on Instagram or Facebook. If you need a more confidential reading, you can find my listings for Tarot, Lenormand, or Demonic Sigil readings here and on my website. Of course, as always, my two books remain listed on Amazon

May you have an excellent solstice, Rite to Belial, and any other holiday you happen to celebrate the season!



The Transforming Power of Demons and Gods

People are all the time asking how demons can get them things, money, sex, fame, etc. When you work with demons for any amount of time, you will notice that regardless the nature of the demon you call upon, if you pay attention, you will realize an alchemy taking place within you. Your personality will shift by degrees, to align more with the essence of the demon, and you will gain knowledge you didn’t have before. I believe the true meaning of “This demon can turn any metal into gold” means that the demon can help you hone each of your aspects until you are a much more valuable version of yourself than before. In essence, helping you perfect yourself and attain a higher state of being. The same is true of any gods or goddesses you invoke. They have a similar effect on the mage, causing changes in personality, perception, and energy levels. This brings us to the next level of understanding:

“Reality as we know it arises in the mind. By transforming the mind, reality is transformed. By controlling the mind, reality is controlled. By commanding the mind, reality is commanded.” -Donald Tyson in his book Grimoire of the Necronomicon.

       The reason I brought up the quote from Donald Tyson’s book, transformation and perfection of the self is the true goal of all ceremonial magick paths. As the leader of the Order of the Old Ones, (a coven based on the above mentioned book) I see this process of alchemy take place first hand. Through working with the gods and demons of the Necronomicon Traditions, the members learn a little bit more each day, hone their skills and abilities, until a state of enlightenment and attainment takes hold. The same process happens outside our Order through many spiritual paths. So the next time you feel drawn to this demon or that, even if you do not have a perceived need, reach out to them and keep the process of transformation and perfection in mind. It will make your interaction with the demons and your world in general start aligning with this greater goal, turning metal into gold…. Blessings of Azathoth upon you.

November 2021 Tarotscope

Hello again, everybody! Are you ready for Halloween? My city canceled trick or treating for 2020, but 93% of parents surveyed plan to send their children out this year. The same local survey results indicate more than half of us will refuse to open our doors. Sorry, kiddos, but I feast, pay homage to the spirits, and watch horror movies that day. Important traditions to uphold.

I chose the Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba for November’s Tarotscope. This deck plays with the stereotype of a broom-riding witch in pointed hat, a cat companion nearby. Alba’s art weaves these familiar symbols into the Rider Waite Smith structure using a primarily female cast and style reminiscent of a graphic novel. Some overhauled cards result in different meanings, but I enjoy the changes. I love this deck’s bright colors, my clients usually react to it well, and it shuffles beautifully despite thinner cardstock. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I kept this deck in regular rotation all year long. It’s among my favorites.

All Signs – Magician (Top). Left to Right: Aries – 5 of Pentacles Reversed, Taurus – 10 of Cups, Gemini – 3 of Wands, Cancer – Page of Cups.

All Signs – The Magician – True power comes from within us. Whether we want to grow spiritually or accomplish a mundane task in November, we already possess the necessary tools. Combine intelligence and intuition to use them to their full capabilities. Remember that no resource is limitless. What is taken must be replaced.

Aries – Five of Pentacles Reversed – You persevered through October’s rough patches, Aries. The situation brightens in November, providing the means for recovery if you make practical use of it. When opportunity knocks, don’t ignore it. You probably won’t end up sitting at the king’s table, but you certainly can come in from the cold.

Taurus – Ten of Cups – We measure one kind of wealth in money and another kind in people. This month, the love you have invested in developing and supporting your social circle returns to you tenfold. This card represents a time of great joy and contentment with family and friends. This may feel like a dream, Taurus, but it isn’t. You earned it.

Gemini – Three of Wands – Success is so close, Gemini. You’re making sparks and soon you’ll start a fire. Just be sure to use all the resources at your disposal and keep your mind open to new options. Don’t be so fixated on one method that you can’t see any others. The new idea may be the stroke of genius that saves the day. 

Cancer – Page of Cups – Are you ready to try something new, Cancer? A burst of curiosity and youthful enthusiasm prods you to explore different ways of thinking in November. Now is the time to learn a new skill or hobby, or let your inner child loose through creative play. Make use of this period to get out of any rut you’ve been in.

Top: Leo – 5 of Wands, Virgo – 6 of Cups, Libra – Queen of Cups, Scorpio – 7 of Pentacles. Bottom: Sagittarius – Page of Swords, Capricorn – Death, Aquarius – 6 of Swords, Pisces – Tower.

Leo – Five of Wands – Too many chefs ruin the broth… and you walk into a very crowded kitchen this month. Differing opinions and competing egos can impede progress in November. A team is more than the sum of its parts, Leo. Consider the mental and emotional energy you contribute to the mix. What can you add or subtract to create the perfect blend you desire?

Virgo – Six of Cups – Never underestimate the effect even your tiniest gesture can have on the world, Virgo. Be on the lookout in November for small acts of kindness you can perform to assist others. Now is an excellent time to share or give gifts. It shows those you care about how much you love them and helps establish goodwill among strangers. Just give without expectation of getting in return. This month is about creating relationships and memories, not reciprocal contracts.

Libra – Queen of Cups – Oh, the ever-balanced Libra… The scales tip this month when your heart leads for a change! Creativity flows freely, and you feel drawn to finally jumpstart those pet projects of yours in November. As you nurture those passions over the next four weeks, make sure to surround yourself with loved ones who support your endeavors — and who you support wholeheartedly in return. 

Scorpio – Seven of Pentacles – Don’t force the issue when impatience flares in November, Scorpio. Instead, take a step back and assess where you are and where you still need to go. Think carefully and make the most of your work so far and the resources at your disposal. Keep watch for a helping hand that may be no help at all.

Sagittarius – Page of Swords – A new idea seizes you in November and fills you with endless curiosity and boundless enthusiasm. You’ll talk to anyone who’ll listen about your new passion, which generates opportunities to meet like-minded individuals. Sagittarius, try to think through the practicality of your schemes before you commit to any mad plans. Will these fantasies stand up to the light of day?

Capricorn – Death – As Halloween season comes to a close, Capricorn, so with it ends an era of your life. This is not the unexpected change represented by the Tower, but rather a gradual finale that you’ve seen in the works for a while. You may find the change temporarily uncomfortable, but you possess innately what you need to transform. If you let go of this phase, you make space for metamorphosis into something new.

Aquarius – Six of Swords – You can’t deny it any longer. Circumstances make it clear the time has come to seek greener pastures. Assemble who and what you need to leave, and move on to your new endeavors without fanfare. Be stealthy, Aquarius. Your troubles are more than willing to follow you home if you make a big deal about your departure.

Pisces – The Tower – Kaboom! Like magic, structures tumble unexpectedly this month, sending your environment into chaos. Yet as everyone around you scrambles to find their place in the disorder, you calmly (almost smugly) know where you stand. It’s as if part of you thrives off the mayhem. Pisces, it’s one thing to shine in a crisis, but try not to flirt with disaster!

That’s it for November’s Tarotscope. May this look at the Everyday Witch Tarot have brought you some insight for next month. Need a private reading? My services are listed here and on my website. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for free daily readings, and find my books on Amazon.

Have a safe and happy holiday, whatever way you choose to celebrate. Happy Halloween! Happy Rite to Eurynomous, and blessings of the season to you.

See you in December.


Honouring the Death Current

We are less than a week away from Samhain and the Rite to Eury and everywhere we look we can spot pumpkins, ghosts, and assorted other decorations.  The week leading up to Halloween can be filled with meaningful ways of honouring the Death current so that we build the energy all week long, rather than simply jumping in on the day.

Here is an idea list to help get you in the right frame of mind.

Day 7 Prepare an altar in your home dedicated to the Death Daemonic. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. A simple candle, incense, and a plate with offerings like apples and pomegranates is perfect. If you have any statues or artwork, add those as well.

Day 6 Create a sacred space for your ancestors.  Put out pictures, treasured items, favourite foods, and candles on a small table or shelf. Remember your loved ones and know that they are with you.

Day 5 Take a walk in nature.  Don’t rush this one. Give yourself plenty of time so that you can appreciate the changes that are happening all around you. Note how vibrant and alive the trees look in their colourful leaves and yet we know that they are actually dying. Nature simply accepts that change is happening and that it will happen when the time is right. This is a lesson that we also need to learn.

Day 4 Create Mourner’s Salt. Every year at this time I make my Mourner’s salt for the year ahead. Mix course sea salt, lavender, comfrey, frankincense, mugwort, and poppy seeds together while focusing on aiding the dead to pass easily and for the living to move past the pain of losing a loved one. Store in a glass jar and keep on your Death Daemonic altar until needed.

Day 3 Host a Silent Supper.  You can do this with a select group of friends or even by yourself. I always set an extra place setting for the Dead when I do these. Pay attention to anything that happens during the supper and definitely to any dreams that you may have that night.

Day 2 Remember the Forgotten. Pick up some flowers at your local shop, they don’t have to expensive; simple seasonal flower bouquets work as well as roses. Go to a cemetery and look for the gravestones that look forgotten. Place a flower on the grave and say a simple prayer or remembrance.

Day 1 Rite to Eury. By now you have most likely attuned yourself to the energy that is prevalent this time of year, which should make your Rite to Eury that much more meaningful and powerful.

When You’re Feeling Disconnected

Every so often I get contacted by someone who feels disconnected with the Daemonic and they ask me how to get back on track.

There can be many reasons for a disconnect, but I find these four are the most common:

1. You’ve fallen out of love with the practice. When we start working with Daemons, there’s this forbidden excitement surrounding the work. But, like with anything, the newness and excitement wears off. The work is no longer dark and scary, or as exciting as it once was, and what you’re actually feeling isn’t a “disconnect”, but rather the lack of excitement, which a lot of people mistake for a disconnect. The Fix: If you’re hooked on the excitement, and the loss of it, it may be time to really explore WHY you’re practicing and whether it’s just part of an image or something sincere. This exploration of WHY you chose your path, WHAT you believe, and whether or not you’ve chosen the right path is often enough to give a practitioner enough perspective to decide whether or not to continue with the practice. Please note that it’s okay to walk away if Daemonolatry or magick was just a “phase” for you. It is for a lot of people and only about 25% of people (approximately) who get into a magickal practice or LHP spiritual paradigm will actually stick with the practice beyond 10 years. Not everyone is destined to be a lifelong Daemonolater/mage and that’s okay.

2. You are stressed out. Especially with magickal/spiritual practice, most people are “weekend magicians”. They keep their magick in the closet most of the time, and only pull it out when they need something, or on weekends or evenings when they have time for it. Their Daemonolatry is it’s own little part of their life that gets hidden away until it’s convenient and needed. What I’m saying is people tend to compartmentalize their life like this. So, when other areas of one’s life are in turmoil and you’re stressed about your relationships, your family, your job — it is VERY common to feel the disconnect because you’re too preoccupied or stressed out to be fully present for the spiritual practice and/or the magick. People who incorporate Daemonolatry into every part of their life are less likely to feel this disconnect. The Fix: Start meditating 10 minutes every day, and “opening and closing” your altar/temple every day. By opening and closing I mean reciting enns for the Daemon(s) you’re working with [or the elementals] lighting a candle and an incense stick in the morning, and again at night. Let the candle burn about 5 minutes each time.  A lot of people also report that getting back to nature helps reconnect them in instances like this.

3. You dwell in Daemonic presence. This tends to start happening for people who have had a daily practice for 10+ years. We fall into routines and habits and get settled in our magickal ways.  Your home becomes so saturated with Daemonic energy, you find comfort in it and you are no longer able to “feel” that energy change in a room when the Daemonic appear because you’re used to it. It’s your new normal. You mistake it as the natural comfort of being home. The Fix: Head out into nature (or any location outside your home temple) and do some magick/ritual, or mix things up and try a ritual construct new to you!  Basically – step out of your comfort zone.

4. You don’t practice regularly. You’d be amazed at how not having a disciplined, regular practice, can decrease your feelings of connectedness. It also decreases your chances of having those supernatural experiences so many people crave as proof. The more you practice, the higher the number of experiences you have. The Fix: Start a daily practice and stick with it! If you are unsure how to start a daily practice – check out these posts. Daily Practice, Daily Ritual, Regular Practice.

Have you ever experienced a disconnect? What was the issue and how did you correct it? Share your expertise in the comments.

October 2021 Tarotscope

Welcome to October! Although I’m still treated to a few sultry summer afternoons where I live, Autumn leaves already litter my backyard in a dazzling display. May where you live look and feel just as beautiful this time of year.

This month, I decided to stick with cards close to my heart, the Dukanté Daemonic Sigil Divination Deck. Printed in black and white, it features nothing but the daemon’s sigils and their names. Playing card-sized with a reversible back, I find them perfect for divination or magical work. I wish there was a Goetia deck produced in a similar style! This deck includes 41 sigils from the Dukanté hierarchy but no booklet, encouraging readers to produce their own meanings from their personal work with the daemons. That said, Sigillum Diaboli by S. Connolly suggests interpretations for the 16 sigils originally collected together for divination purposes. Although I occasionally use the whole deck for readings, I typically stick to these since they give me enough information on their own.

On to October’s reading!

All Signs – Ashtaroth – Ashtaroth’s energy rules over all signs in October. Expect helpful friends and allies to come to our assistance in difficult situations over the next four weeks. While this time is usually dedicated to the Death Demonic, pulling this sigil suggests our insight and intuition will be especially clear right now. Try reaching out to Spirit or your ancestors using divination of all sorts.

Aries – Unsere – Home and family reign supreme this month, Aries. This is a fertile time for both team and solitary creative work. You can reach your goals through (mutual) patience and understanding. Ask yourself what you would like to grow and nurture those efforts.

Taurus – Tezrian – Do you feel battle-weary, Taurus? Although pulling this sigil can mean someone is out to get you, it just as often points to exhaustion from warring with yourself, not someone else. Either way, you need to tend to your wounds before you enter the fray again. Make sure you look after yourself as you plan your strategy for the weeks ahead.

Gemini – Leviathan – Leviathan’s influence in October deepens your sense of empathy for others, Gemini. This provides greater emotional insight into their character as well as your own. With this wisdom, you can forge a truce and build peace between yourself and others. Now is the moment to heal old wounds.

Cancer – Lucifer – You rebel! A flash of insight leads to out-of-the-box thinking this month. It breaks the rules, but it also saves the day. New beginnings spring from this solution. Expect a bit of a sharp learning curve, but don’t fret — you’ve got what it takes to make the climb!

Leo – Eurynomous – You see the light, Leo… The light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. One phase of your life ends in October for another to begin. As frightening as this change may be, it is unavoidable, so best embrace the energy. Look into the future and map your way. 

Virgo – Delepitoré – Magic is in the air, Virgo! Your creative juices flow in October. You can make your dreams a reality if you’re willing to focus your efforts. You possess all the tools needed to manifest your goals. This is the perfect period for sorcery meant to produce tangible, in-hand results. Coupled with Ashtaroth’s influence, you’re making sparks! 

Libra – Belphegore Reversed – High hopes set you up for a downfall this month, Libra. No matter how much you want (and maybe even deserve) the largest piece of the pie, you’re not going to get it right now. Be careful how you express your disappointment. Selfishness doesn’t look good on anyone. Do you really want your fair share, or are you just being greedy?

Scorpio – Lucifuge – Take hold of the reins, Scorpio, because you’re in for a bumpy ride! Obstacles appear to impede your progress this month. Don’t worry. You can solve these problems and prove you’ve got what it takes with skills you’ve mastered along the way.

Sagittarius – Rosier – Get ready to feel the love in October, Sagittarius! Look forward to building and strengthening the loving relationships in your life next month, romantic and otherwise. Rosier’s energy reinforces current bonds and helps form new ones. It can even assist with the most challenging relationship of all: the one you have with yourself. Remember real love starts at home.

Capricorn – Belial – Hard work pays off with a month of stability. Without family drama or financial hardship, October may not prove terribly exciting. Still, you possess all the resources you need, Capricorn. A plentiful time on multiple levels. 

Aquarius – Amducius Reversed – You win some and you lose some, Aquarius. It’s how you deal with the losses that matter long-term. Don’t let frustration or anger cause you to act rashly in October. Strategize and move appropriately when the time is right. 

Pisces – Verrine – Verrine’s influence emphasizes the need to look after your health in October. Even those Pisces in peak condition check in with their bodies and minds once in a while to keep them in top shape. Take a moment this month to give yourself a tune-up — or at least take a brief break to assess where you are and where you could be. What would your optimum performance look like?

That’s the end of this month’s Tarotscope. I hope this peek at the Dukanté Daemonic Sigil Divination Deck will encourage you to work with the sigils and provide some insight for October. 

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See you in November!

– Will

Liturgy to Leviathan

Oh, great serpent, in your glorious light of truth – hear us.

We come here today to honor you and the element of your creation.

He of the vast oceans both within and without.

Hail Leviathan, King of Water.

Lord of wisdom, intuition, and truth.

Bestow upon all present today peace, comforting truth, and freedom from anxiety and emotional distress.

May the waters of his divine nature hold you in their embrace and free you from your burdens.

Let the sound of his tranquil voice guide you to serenity.

Hail Leviathan.