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May Musings

Sorry for the delay in any posts this month. I got off to a bad start and offline life kept me offline. It seems if I forget my first of the month post, which I did this month, no one else posts. This months posts are supposed to be about ritual atmosphere. Creating it, relishing […]

April Updates

This month the bloggers discuss what they wish they would have known when they started out. Meanwhile, in the bookstore, we’ve done some revamping so it’s easier to find what you want. Audrey Brice’s new occult paranormal Into Darkness is finally available now for those of you who like contemporary occult fiction. It will be […]

March 2012: Reader Q&A

When we asked blog readers what they wanted the bloggers to talk about this month we were told: “I would love to hear the bloggers thoughts on Demonic possession. I know it’s be covered slightly in the CBOD but it’s such a fascinating subject and the idea that people are being possessed seems to be […]

Welcome to 2012

Thank you for ringing in the New Year with! This month the bloggers discuss setting magical goals for the new year. I’m setting a goal to do more meditation this year. Also, later this month S. Connolly will be receiving Infernal Colopatiron hot off the presses. Once she has them, the copies will undergo a […]

Drawing Winners & November Dawns

The Halloween Contest closed at midnight last night. Yours truly was already asleep and I had to work today, but now I’m home and the names have been drawn. Drumroll please….. For a copy of Honoring Death: The Arte of Daemonolatry Necromancy – Connie K. For a copy of the hardcover Sigil Altar Book – […]

October Necromancy

This time of year our thoughts turn toward those who came before us and necromantic work. This month, our bloggers share with all of you their thoughts on death, the afterlife, and necromancy. Please enjoy this month’s series of blog posts. Today we’re also doing our Third Quarter drawing so if you entered, watch for […]

September How-To

Welcome to September friends! This month our bloggers were asked to share their favorite Demonolatry based projects with readers. With any luck we’ll all leave the month with some excellent project ideas for the coming autumn. In DB Publishing news there are two months left to submit for the Legion Project. In other news,  while […]

Midsummer Meditations – August 2011

Welcome to August 2011 my friends. Aside from our usual rousing blog content there’s not much going on around here. I suppose that’s what people mean when they talk about the lazy days of summer. This month we offer you blog posts on the topic of midsummer meditations. Enjoy them! Don’t forget that DB Publishing […]