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May passed me by

Hope you all had a Happy First Rite of Leviathan. I’ve been slacking on my beginning of the month posts. Today, S. Connolly called me on it and told me to get on the ball. She was right to do so. Some things you may want to know. I am behind in doing A LOT […]

March Beckons

Happy March, folks! The end of this month marks the beginning of the Rites of Belphegore! Time to make sure the stones are set and the bloodletting devices are sharpened. In the meantime, our bloggers talk about magickal languages! When should they be used? Why should they be used? What do they add to the […]

Spread the Word, Brothers & Sisters!

Evangelism seems to be seeping into every religion and spiritual practice these days. Recently we’ve seen even more of this this “My way or the highway” attitude in Demonolatry. So this month we ask the bloggers — Is Evangelism in Demonolatry a problem? Is it a good thing? When does Evangelism go to far? How does […]

A Hearty Thank You

On behalf of all the bloggers at, I’d like to thank all of our readers. This blog currently reaches over 50 public followers and over 125 people follow this blog privately via email. I know sometimes our bloggers are irregular with their posts, but we wanted to let all of you know how much we […]

Welcome Winter!

Welcome to December! This month is bloggers choice! It was suggested our bloggers write research papers on their own topic of interest (magic or Demonolatry related of course).  We’ll see what comes of it. May your solstice, Yule and Rite(s) to Belial be joyous and from all of us here at, we wish you […]

This Month’s Blogging Topic

I was so wrapped up in the contest earlier this month that I forgot to mention this month’s blogging topic. This month the bloggers talk about Traditional vs. Free Form Demonolatry – Perspectives on staying completely traditional vs blending demonolatry with other pagan beliefs vs doing whatever the hell you want and calling it demonolatry. Looks […]

October Spiritus

Welcome to October, People of the Org. This month the bloggers take on the topic of spiritual Demonolatry. What does it mean to live a spiritual life? How does one deepen their own spiritual connection to the Demonic Divine?  What practices do very spiritual people uphold? All of these questions are fair game this month. […]

August Meditation

Let’s see if this month’s topic doesn’t scare our bloggers as much. This month the bloggers discuss the practice of meditation. There isn’t much new around the org this month. We’ve hit the lazy days of summer and hopefully you’ve all been outdoors enjoying it. In other news I heard a rumor that Keys of […]