Clay As A Magickal Tool

Or more appropriately – don’t be afraid of the Sculpey.

Oven bake clay is one of those things that, for about the last ten years, has been a part of my magickal tool box. Why? Because you can get the exact talisman, amulet or tablet you need for any operation without having to spend  a lot of money and time finding something pre-made or  someone else to make it. Clay is also more permenant than paper, not as permenant as metal or stone, and still cheap enough and non-toxic enough to use for offerings that you might choose to bury in the earth or offer to the water.

The beauty of Sculpey is that it’s so versatile. You simply form the clay into the shape you want, carve the sigils or appropriate symbols or letters in it, then bake according to the instructions, let cool, paint, allow to dry, and you’re done.

There is power in the making of an amulet or talisman (or even a tablet). I like to vibrate enns or chant while kneading the clay (sometimes kneading a drop or two of my blood into it), giving it shape, and carving the symbols. I may even run it through smoke and bless it with oleum before baking it. I sometimes add stones to imbue the clay with additional properties. Since the clay comes in many colors it’s really easy to get the colors you want. You just need an oven.

Here are some pictures of the magickal items friends and I have made with oven-bake clay to give you an idea of what you can do.

 Daemon Sigil Rune Stones and small clay sigils used for ritual.


Here are a variety of amulets created using clay, paint and stones. When sticking stones into your amulets or lamens, push the stone into the clay first, take it out, then bake the amulet, then, once cooled, hot glue the stone into place. If you just shove the stone in there and bake it, the stone will fall out upon cooling.


Some other ideas for use of Sculpey in magick include clay altar pattens, wall sculptures, magickal rings, stick incense holders, oleum-blood bowls, salt holders, place markers, altar bookmarks, elemental tiles, figurines for sympathetic magick, deity sculptures, offering plates/bowls, etc…   Oven bake clay can be found at most craft stores. Enjoy the process of creation with your magick and may the Daemonic Divine guide you!

5 thoughts on “Clay As A Magickal Tool

  1. Tanya Jenkins

    This was a great idea. I have never even heard of sculpey before. I am not very artistic, but it was easy. I made two necklaces, one for my mom and I. They turned out wonderful. I engraved the sigil of Raum in each one and after boiling them (while chanting daemon’s enn) I put the oleum I made for Raum on the back. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Matt

    Great Idea, thanks for sharing. The great thing about clay is it’s a very flexible medium that anyone can use without breaking the bank. I’ll have to pick some up soon!

  3. Coltan

    I have an inquiry about what the sigil on the necklace to the far left of the last picture on the page is? I am quite new to researching these things, and have been trying to learn. Also, if anyone has any recommendations on where to go to learn more about demonolatry as I delve deeper into it, it would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Yashira Cruz

    Love this idea. Was wondering which sculpey clay you use? Original? Or sculpey III?

    1. S. Connolly Post author

      I’ve used both. I tend toward the Sculpey III because it doesn’t seem to scorch as easily if you accidentally bake it a minute too long. But as far as strength/brittleness, etc… they’re all comparable. I tend to buy it in the color I want regardless if it’s Sculpey or Sculpey III. I’ve also used Primo of Fimo with similar results. Polymer clays are just easier for magickal crafts because you don’t need special equipment or a kiln. 🙂

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