Crystals for Intuition

A popular singer once sang the lines: “Follow your heart, Your intuition. It will lead you in the right direction”. A line that couldn’t be more accurate, but only if you exercise it on a regular basis. Just like any other skill it is important to work on your intuitive gifts and when necessary, use tools to strengthen them.

The use of crystals and stones is one way to enhance your natural abilities so that you can learn to trust them. In time you won’t need to use the stones as often and you will still be able to fully trust what your intuition tells you.

What follows is a list of some common and uncommon stones and crystals that can amplify your gifts and raise them to a new level.

Chevron Amethyst Amethyst has become the go to stone when it comes to boosting your intuition, divination, or general psychic abilities, and with good reason! Amethyst in general aids in opening intuition and enhancing psychic gifts and when you upgrade to Chevron Amethyst you have one of the most powerful intuitive vision enhancers that you can find.  This stone has the added benefit of cleansing the aura, so you can focus on the important stuff.

Aquamarine This beautiful sea-blue stone is known for sharpening ones intuition and opening clairvoyant abilities. Invoking higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness, Aquamarine is a fantastic stone for meditation and reflection. This stone can also help you to connect better with your guides.

Malachite Aside from being a potent cleansing stone, Malachite also packs a punch when it comes to aiding in getting the most from meditation sessions where you are looking for spiritual insight. Malachite goes right to the core of the problem or issue, so it can feel a bit harsher than some of the other stones listed; but sometimes we need the tough love approach to our problems and blockages.

Turquoise Turquoise is considered one of the most spiritual stones you can have in your collection. This amazing stone can facilitate communication between the spiritual and physical planes, enhance psychic abilities, bring wisdom and amplify intuition and insight. Perhaps this can explain its popularity as the primary stone in many famous tiaras and crowns.

Blue Holly Agate The ethereal colour of this crystal announces that you are working with something special. An effective aid in activating the psychic centers of the brain, it also enhances ESP, lucid dreaming, and mediumship abilities. Through its ability to expand a person’s consciousness it allows us to trust our intuition and gives us the confidence to trust it.

Annabergite This apple green stone also goes by the name Nickel Bloom and is able to teach you that everything is exactly as it should be. When placed on the third eye it is known to enhance intuition and the clarity of visions and visualizations. In addition, this stone is able to help you know your true self and how you present yourself to the world.

Lepidocrocite Links your intuition to your practical mind and acts as a bridge between matter and consciousness. It is also able to enhance spiritual insight so that you can manifest it in your daily life. Although it isn’t as well know as some other stones, it is one that I feel most people should have in their collection.

Dumortierite An ideal stone for tarot readers, psychics, channelers, and anyone who relies on being aware of others mental and emotional states, Dumortierite stimulates the third-eye chakra. This chakra is all about intuition, insight, psychic talents, divination, and discernment. I personally like pairing Dumortierite with any of the other stones listed because of the fact that it enhances discernment. We need to be aware of what are true messages and insight from the Divine and what is only our inner voice or ego.

Trust me, this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list of crystals to boost your intuitive abilities, but it should give you a great place to start if you are looking to improve your innate talents. As always, look for stones that you are personally drawn to as your guide and start to trust your intuition that way!