Daemonolater’s Guide to Daemonolatry Groups

demonolatrygroupsThe Daemonolater’s Guide to Daemonolatry Groups offers wisdom and advice about finding a Daemonolatry group, group dynamics, leading a group, and leaving a group. Also included is a questionnaire about assessing one’s calling to the priesthood, information about Daemonolatry Denominations, as well as other information useful to group leaders or those considering starting their own group.

Please Note: Some of the articles in this book have appeared in private group publications as well as the magazine *Black Serpent* over the years. All of these articles have been gathered together as a single resource for the practitioner.

M. Delaney has ran a Daemonolatry group in the offline world for over twenty years. S. Connolly has been involved with Daemonolatry groups, in numerous capacities, since 1988.

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