Daemonolatry How-To: Cleanse Magickal Items

Much like spiritual house cleaning and re-energizing or re-establishing wards, cleaning your magickal items on a regular basis tends to be a necessity every now and again. Not to remove Daemonic energy, mind you, but rather the astral sludge that can connect itself to your tools, amulets, and ritual items causing the entire ritual space to feel heavy and uninspiring.

Just like when you’re cleaning your home, the first thing you want to do is physically clean the item to remove dust, lamp black, wax, and dirt. Once your item is sparkling clean and dry (I like to let mine air dry unless I’m in a hurry), light a consecration incense or a general incense like Frankincense, and wave the item through it, re-establishing the intent of the item. That means, you visualize the connection between you and the Daemonic Divine through the item. If the item can handle it, sprinkle it with blessed water (a mixture of salt and water), wave it through the fire, anoint it with your choice of magickal oil/oleum (optional) then put it back on the altar. You can also rededicate the item to your Daemons of choice at this time if you choose. Or just generally to the Daemonic Divine.

How often you clean your magickal items is up to you. Some may need more frequent cleansings. Magickal jewelry is one of those things. Some of us, especially those who are seers or mediums (or both), those who walk between worlds, they attract plenty of astral sludge to their magickal jewelry. Do this particularly if you wear it regularly and feel run down, heavy, apathetic, or even overly emotional. Some people may even experience cold or flu symptoms.

To clean magickal jewelry: Remove the jewelry. Dip it in water (rainwater or water from a natural source is best but you can use distilled water, filtered water, or even tap water in a pinch), run it through the smoke of the incense, hold it over the flame, let it dry either by patting it dry or letting it air dry. Then, set the piece in a bowl of salt or earth and let it dry for at least 8 hours before putting it back on (that is, if the piece will tolerate it). Some people remove their jewelry each night and just set it in a bowl of salt or earth to re-ground it. Experiment with techniques and find what works for you. You may just find yourself suddenly feeling a lot lighter, more optimistic, and less run down. Cold and flu symptoms may disappear as if by, well, magick.

Tool Cleaning Checklist:

  • Ritual Blades (including knives and swords – please clean appropriately)
  • Offering Bowls/Plates
  • Chalices (my main chalice is blue glass and dishwasher safe, which makes mundane cleaning a breaze)
  • Plates and Patens
  • Censors (incense burners)
  • Candle Holders and Snuffers
  • Divination Devices (mirrors, bowls, crystal balls, pendulums, spirit boards, tarot decks, runes etc… please clean according to material you’re cleaning)
  • Permanent Sigils (made of metal, wood, stone, etc.)
  • Stones
  • Statuary
  • Bowls
  • Altar Cloths and Tapestries (just wash them)
  • Robes and Aprons (just wash them)
  • Magickal Jewelry
  • The Altar itself should be wiped down

Make your spiritual/magickal cleansing chores routine just like vacuuming the floor or cleaning the kitchen or bathroom and you may just find yourself and your space feeling much better overall.