Everyday Divination

Bringing your spirituality into everyday life can be challenging for a lot of people. Oftentimes, practitioners relegate their spirituality to the weekends or “when they have time”, and take it out and dust it off as needed. Sadly, this kind of attitude often leads to a total disconnect between the practitioner and the Daemonic Divine. Everyday Divination is just another way to bring spirituality into the everyday, making it a part of your life.

Mind you – I am NOT promoting becoming dependent on divination. That’s another matter entirely and can create problems of its own. I’ve known people who couldn’t order lunch off a menu without pulling out their pendulum and holding it over the menu (not kidding). But just because you might employ one of the following daily divination techniques doesn’t mean you have to become dependent on divination for every single decision, nor use it as a crutch when you’re feeling indecisive.

No, everyday divination is about drawing practical wisdom from the divine intelligence once a day, usually in the morning or evening, to see what advice, wisdom, or information you should take with you into your day (or the following day).

There are three primary methods of doing this:

Draw A Tarot Card Daily: Drawing a daily tarot card will give you a plain esoteric concept to focus on for the day, whether it’s contemplating how the meaning of The High Priestess is playing a role in your life right now, to contemplating the nature of the card in relation to your higher self. This is a practice that magicians, witches, and even everyday people partake in to provide inspiration and insight into their days. You might also choose to use an oracle deck or even the Lenormand deck to do this, depending on which deck is inspiring you for the day, week, or month.

Draw A Sigil Daily: This is a more traditional Daemonolatry practice where you leave a bowl of clay sigils or sigil cards out and you pull one each morning to see which Daemon can offer guidance or wisdom for the day. Or you pull a sigil anytime you have a problem and read the sigil (via sigil divination) to gain insight or wisdom into the problem. One could do this with Runes, too. I know many people who use sigil coins and when they pull the daily sigil, they slip it into their pocket and carry it with them for the day, returning it to the bowl before bed.

Daily Scrying: Wherein one gazes into their own reflection in the morning (as they’re getting ready for their day presumably) and listens for any insight from their higher self. This may not be a good practice for people with strong clairvoyance as regular mirrors can often result in terrifying experiences for those who are strong psychic mediums. But if you’re okay with regular mirrors – try it and see if feels right for you.

Everyday divination can also help you learn a specific type of divination by giving you time to contemplate the card or sigil (or rune or oracle card) you pulled for the day. Just another small way you can bring your spiritual practices into your daily life.

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  1. Richard Gärtner

    This is some great advice and something I can do as part of my daily practice. Thank you for this article

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