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This notice is for the GenDems who use this site. As official Sesh I am proud to announce that I have come close to completing the directive from the GenDem council and there is now a new group resource section specifically for those who practice denominational Daemonolatry.  All of the articles are written from a traditional GenDem perspective. I’d like to thank ALL of the writers who contributed to this section! Thank you!

For everyone else – I have already gotten one complaint about this section. As a matter of fact, the young man was so pissed off we were putting it up on the site that he called me arrogant, the Daemonolatry Pope, and said I was stifling the spiritual growth of hundreds of people. I had no idea I had so much power.  He also said I was ruining all of Demonolatry for everyone by doing this.  LOL! This is for him (and those who agree with him):


What? I have a sense of humor. Besides, I make an adorable pope. Even with red eye. 😉

So for those who are vehemently pissed off (evidently at least one guy) about this, please know that so far, this website has CATERED to non-denominational Demonolatry despite the fact that it’s ran by a group that is denominational. As a matter of fact, IMHO, we’ve shied away from really adding any additional denominational stuff to this site for fear of upsetting anyone and that’s not right either. We shouldn’t have to do reverse discrimination in favor of non-denominational folks either. Everyone should be welcome.

Besides, the rest of you are more than welcome to that section as well. Or you’re welcome to ignore it if you don’t like  it or it’s not for you . It’s really that simple.  By including it here no one is saying a personal Demonolatry is wrong or being non-denominational is wrong. It’s just that the groups were requesting some resources for guidance and we decided to comply with that request.

The solitary Demonolaters who are non-denominational are more than welcome to request things for this site, too. If you have a request, sent it to Frank D. at [email protected].

Also a side note – we have quite a few bloggers here who would identify themselves as non-denominational solitaries.  I point that out because this site really is inclusive of everyone and we plan on keeping it that way. 🙂

5 thoughts on “GenDems: New Section for Site

  1. Marc

    Thank you again for all of your work and the efforts you have taken to cater to such a large and varied audience. The knowledge and guidance that is offered here is greatly appreciated.

  2. jackie stout

    I thought it was great. Reminds me to do my research on what constitutes what though. I think the blog was good. It’s very nice that something created for and by the denominational types would include people and not exclude per se? Please pardon me, but it seems like alot of places feel the need to be very exclusive which im sure has a place and time for that for good reasons but its nice to be included. Thanks.;) nice job.

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