GUEST POST: The Art of Evocation

This post by author Scott Hobbs

Evocation (here meaning the art of summoning a spirit or demon to visible appearance) is a long sought after skill by many Demonolaters, Satanists, and Occultists. Here I would like to describe my understanding of the practice and provide a method for successful evocation. When summoning a demon for their assistance, it is best to call them in the name and by the power of the demon who is above them. It is also desirable that the mage has an understanding of vibrating words and names for added effect. The following skill set will grant the mage the best possible experience and potency in their evocations:

Visualization, Vibrating words and names, Astral projection, Heightened astral senses of sight and hearing, an understanding of the demon you seek to summon as well as the hierarchy or paradigm you are working with, understanding of the ritual structure you will use (circle and triangle of art, scrying mirror, incense smoke as focal point, etc)

Now, onto the method of summoning which was taught to me by Astaroth.

Pick a demon you will summon. Draw their sigil on a piece of parchment or unlined paper. You may chant their Enn while doing this, directing the power of the chant into the sigil’s making.

Place this on the ground with a plain wall behind it. (with no hangings or pictures on the wall)

On top of this sigil, place a black bowl filled 2/3rds with water.

Walk at least 4-5 paces away from the bowl and turn facing it.

Light a candle and place it behind you. The rest of the room should be dark. The shadow you cast from the candle will aid in manifestation.

Begin vibrating the name of the demon you seek to summon. You may add the enn to this and direct it towards the sigil.

During this time, close your eyes and visualize the sigil in your mind as clearly as possible. There will be a shift in your consciousness and a trance will overtake you. Say a summoning of your own devising, calling out to the demon in the name of its superior (or in the name of Satan) to come forth and appear before you, and to give you truthful answers.

Now, imagine yourself rise up out of your body and over to the bowl. Look down into it with your astral vision and see the sigil of the demon glowing with power. Dive down through the sigil into the realm of the demon. In this darkness, say the name of the demon and feel the vibration of the name resonate to the ends of the universe. The demon will appear to you. Slowly come back to your body.

Begin slowly opening your eyes while whispering the demon’s name. See them rise up before you out of the bowl.

When their image becomes clearly defined before you, request they sign their name in the air before them. If the name is spelled correctly, it is the demon you seek.

Converse with them and be respectful, straight to the point, and be focused.

When you are done, thank them for coming to you and say “In the name of Satan, go in peace, harm none as you depart, and may we be allies henceforth.”

See the demon dive down into the bowl.

Extinguish the candle flame and turn on the lights. Write down your experience in your journal.

The water may be used to anoint yourself with, anoint candles for further meditation or rituals with the demon, etc.

The sigil may be kept with you as a talisman, or burned as an offering and dropped into the water, then poured on earth.

I hope this helps some of you who are having issues with summoning to visible appearance, just know it takes a lot of energy to accomplish, but is well worth the effort.

Hail Satan! Hail Astaroth!

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