Honouring the Death Current

We are less than a week away from Samhain and the Rite to Eury and everywhere we look we can spot pumpkins, ghosts, and assorted other decorations.  The week leading up to Halloween can be filled with meaningful ways of honouring the Death current so that we build the energy all week long, rather than simply jumping in on the day.

Here is an idea list to help get you in the right frame of mind.

Day 7 Prepare an altar in your home dedicated to the Death Daemonic. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. A simple candle, incense, and a plate with offerings like apples and pomegranates is perfect. If you have any statues or artwork, add those as well.

Day 6 Create a sacred space for your ancestors.  Put out pictures, treasured items, favourite foods, and candles on a small table or shelf. Remember your loved ones and know that they are with you.

Day 5 Take a walk in nature.  Don’t rush this one. Give yourself plenty of time so that you can appreciate the changes that are happening all around you. Note how vibrant and alive the trees look in their colourful leaves and yet we know that they are actually dying. Nature simply accepts that change is happening and that it will happen when the time is right. This is a lesson that we also need to learn.

Day 4 Create Mourner’s Salt. Every year at this time I make my Mourner’s salt for the year ahead. Mix course sea salt, lavender, comfrey, frankincense, mugwort, and poppy seeds together while focusing on aiding the dead to pass easily and for the living to move past the pain of losing a loved one. Store in a glass jar and keep on your Death Daemonic altar until needed.

Day 3 Host a Silent Supper.  You can do this with a select group of friends or even by yourself. I always set an extra place setting for the Dead when I do these. Pay attention to anything that happens during the supper and definitely to any dreams that you may have that night.

Day 2 Remember the Forgotten. Pick up some flowers at your local shop, they don’t have to expensive; simple seasonal flower bouquets work as well as roses. Go to a cemetery and look for the gravestones that look forgotten. Place a flower on the grave and say a simple prayer or remembrance.

Day 1 Rite to Eury. By now you have most likely attuned yourself to the energy that is prevalent this time of year, which should make your Rite to Eury that much more meaningful and powerful.

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  1. NRT

    Much, much appreciated. As someone whose practice is hidden this article provides some useful and doable things. Much love and blessings!

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