How To: A Healing Ritual

I didn’t broadcast it, but last year, during harvest season, I ended up tearing a tendon while grinding apples from our own little apple orchard, for the hard cider. For those of you who’ve done this, you know how bad it hurts and how long it can take to heal. And many of you also know that as you get older, it can take longer to heal from an injury that, at age twenty, would have healed almost overnight. Well, I’m no longer a spring chicken. Fifty-years-young this year. But at 49, the doctor told me that even with physical therapy, it could take my tendon up to a year to heal, and it would likely never heal perfectly.

With this little ritual – 6-7 months (and along with physical therapy), the tendon healed completely. Half the projected healing time, better healing than myself or my doctor expected. Not bad results IMO.

You Need:

  • Yourself
  • The Shower
  • Your body wash or soap
  • The Enn of Vepar, who helps heal wounds and breaks (and tendons!) Or the Enn of a Healing Daemon who can help heal your ailment.

Verrine (overall health and vitality), Buer (emotional healing and things like weak immune system), Vepar (to heal wounds or breaks) and Marbas (heals diseases).

In this instance I am using the Enn of Vepar.

First, bless the soap in the name of the Daemonic Divine you’re working with and say: May [Daemon] bless this soap that it may wash away pain and illness/stress/ill health/ and help me heal. You can insert the specific ailment you wish to heal.

Next, step into the shower and go about your regular cleansing routine, visualizing all pain and illness leaving your body as you wash. Or your bones, tendons, wounds healing.

When you’ve finished, place the injured or ill part of yourself under the water. This may just be an arm, or it may be your whole person.

“On ca Vepar Ag Na” (or the enn for the Daemon you’re working with) Remove my pain and heal this injury. (adjust for your circumstance) Recite this over and over again (you can think it). Visualize a radiating blue healing light in the area of the injury or illness. Massage the area. Thank the Daemon and say: “It is done.”

Repeat this as part of your bathing ritual as needed. It can help ease colds and make them end faster, too.

In my particular instance, I also invoked Leviathan for a little extra oomph.

Additional considerations: Massage a healing oleum of the Daemon you’re working with into the affected area. Make sure all ingredients are skin safe (i.e. test on the back of your hand first). Light candles or an appropriate incense to enhance the calming mood.

I do hope you’ll try this little healing ritual and let us know how it went in the comments!

DISCLAIMER: This blog is not to be taken as medical advice. Please consult with a physician for all illness and injury. Working with Daemons is supplemental to regular medical care, not a replacement for it. Also, if you have an injury or break and your physician does not want you to get it wet — don’t get it wet! Wait until you’re allowed to bathe before performing this ritual.