How To: Draw Daemonic Influence Anywhere

A lot of people think you need special tools, incense, special clothes, and even special jewelry to invoke the Daemonic and work with them. Heck, even in traditional Daemonolatry groups/covens, beginners are trained to always work within a constructed ritual space (for a reason). But I’m here to tell you – that’s not the case.

The only thing you need is an internet connection to look up a seal or enn (or an application for your phone like the Daemon Directory application), a pen, a piece of paper, and someplace quiet if you’re unable to focus.

Draw the sigil on a piece of paper while reciting the Enn (even if it’s in your head) and focusing your intent into what you’re doing. Hold it between your palms for a few minutes until you’re satisfied you’ve imbued it with enough intent.

Now, slip the seal into your left pocket. Or your right. I don’t think it matters. I think the whole left pocket/breast thing is more symbolic than necessary to draw the Daemonic influence. I’ve also placed the seals in my bag or wallet with great effect, too.

And that’s it. You don’t need elaborate ritual to work with Daemons, and it can be done anywhere. People who say otherwise are simply unimaginative and limited in their thinking.

But what about that ritual within a constructed ritual space? That’s something we teach beginners, pound it into their heads even, in hopes they stay balanced in the presence of Daemonic energy, or have a lesser chance of conjuring an “Other” posing as a Daemon. Or creating an “accidental” thought-form masquerading as a Daemon that the magician creates based on personal expectations and desires.

As you get more advanced, however, it’s rather easy to construct that space in your mind. Or, if you already know how that Daemon affects you, to forego the physical or mental ritual space creation altogether. Even then, that doesn’t explain Daemonic spell work and why traditional Daemonolatry witches can be rather lax about setting up ritual spaces. They certainly know how to do it, but a full ritual set up is not always necessary, and it takes a more experienced magician to know when it’s appropriate, and when it isn’t.

All I can say is: experiment. Magick is about experimentation and creation. Don’t get stuck in by-the-book magick (not even my books!). Books are merely collections of ideas and inspiration for your own Great Work.

2 thoughts on “How To: Draw Daemonic Influence Anywhere

  1. Andy

    I draw on it all the time at work.

    I’m a court lawyer/advocate.

    My method is to intone an Enn in my head in the minute or so before I stand up and address the court.

    I put all my concentration into it.

    Then I stand up and make my submissions.

    If nothing else it’s a great way to focus the mind and boost my confidence. This is especially the case if I feel uncertain or apprehensive about the outcome.

    All I can say is it always seems to work and let’s face it that’s all that matters.

    As an aside (and thank you Steph for this Magick guidance) my practice is to seek daemonic “empowerment” to help me get over myself. I do this by thanking and affirming the particular entity for making me something.

    Flereous is a good example.

    I thank flereous every morning for making me “active rather than passive” for “using his fire to make me keen and sharp like steel” (Ganic tasa fubin FLEREOUS) and the rest is up to me.

    Oh and happy winter solstice from the deep and frozen Southern Hemisphere!

    Tomorrow is Matariki. That’s essentially the Maori new year.

    Peace brothers and sisters. And thanks again Steph. Your help and support in my pathway has been truly amazing and I am ever grateful for your generosity.


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