Infernal Colopatiron Update

Two things from Official Melissa Press!

The first thing is that there are only 21 copies of the standard edition of Infernal Colopatiron left. There were only 200 copies of the standard edition printed.  There were only 30 copies of the Deluxe Edition printed and those were sold out over a year ago.

The second thing is that I have up to 25 unbound copies of Infernal Colopatiron available for fine leather binding. I have a bindery ready to go and I am, for sure, having 10 of these copies bound in black leather with copper foil stamping.  I will have more than the 10 copies bound (up to 25) if they are pre-ordered.

This very limited, fine leather, hand bound edition is going to cost $300 + shipping per book. Because there is such a limited number available, I’m only going to allow one per customer.

I will take requests for certain numbers as long as it’s not #1 and falls within the number of copies being printed.

I will be signing and consecrating each  of these books myself before they ship.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyone interested in reserving one of these leather bindings should contact [email protected]. I am asking for 1/2 the cost up front to reserve the edition (with a $25 cancellation fee if the book is at the binder and you change your mind) and the other 1/2 at the end before I ship.  I’m not expecting them ready to ship until September (possibly sooner), but trust me – it will be well worth the wait. If you’ve seen the fine leather bound funerary editions of Keys of Ocat, the binding will be similar as it’s being done by the same binder.

I will close pre-ordering on June 15, 2013

If only the 10 are printed and only 5 are pre-ordered from that,  I will sell the remaining 5 first come – first serve. However, if 13 are reserved – I’m only printing 13.  So it goes.

Here’s what the Keys of Ocat fine binding (done for Nephilim Press) looked like to give you a rough idea of the beautiful work this binder does:

keys funerary 2

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  1. Azrael

    I was wounding if there was any more copies of Infernal Colopatiron ? Getting this book means so much to me .

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