Kasdeya Rite of Ba’al

You know, Kasdeya came up in a conversation I was having with my best friend the other day. She and I were looking back from where we had come from to where we are now since we first met. We’ve been friends for over eight years now. Everything has changed in that amount of time. We were barely teenagers then and now she’s a new mother and I’m about to graduate college. We’re in a place where we can finally acknowledge that things aren’t perfect but we’re, for the most part, satisfied.

Eight years. In that time we’ve made a lot of questionable choices as teens and young adults. I said that teenagers were horrible and I couldn’t believe we were recently teenagers ourselves. We were still up to no good at nineteen. I made a comment about sometimes wishing I could do things over.

She said “But would you really, if given the chance?”

We talked about the different things we would want to alter, I went on a paranoid rant about the butterfly effect, and she said if it were as simple as picking and choosing what would remain the same she’d do it in a heartbeat. Her newborn daughter is beautiful and an obvious choice to want to keep, for example. She came to a conclusion that she would rather make amends for her regrets, seek closure, and move on with her life.

I thought of Kasdeya and told her my very basic understanding of the rite. The Kasdeya Rite of Ba’al is an adept ritual that takes massive amounts of dedication and prep-work. I’m going to quote one of S. Connolly’s YouTube videos on this so I don’t screw it up and say its purpose is “to help one commune with the Demonic Divine; to learn a lot about the Self; and to take one’s physical, material plane life and remove some of the things that are holding you back.” To me, that goes hand in hand with what my friend and I were talking about.

While the Kasdeya rite won’t turn you into an immortal jellyfish with your sentience and memories intact, it strips away the things that are negatively influencing your life. Some people need a little more Demonic help than others so the ramifications of this ritual can turn your world completely upside down. You can’t pick and choose the parts you want to do (or the barriers to your spiritual growth that will be shattered) and you can’t go back to the day before you started the ritual if you decide you don’t want to do it or experience the changes it’s bringing after all.

You really need to look at yourself honestly and determine if it’s something you can accomplish. I’m going to use myself as a quick example of someone who shouldn’t perform the Kasdeya rite:

1. The longest ritual you’ve done was only about two weeks long.
2. The longest goal you’ve completed period had the duration of a month.
3. You don’t have a physical space to perform the ritual in its entirety.
4. You procrastinate and half-ass things frequently.
5. You have trouble completing tasks you start.

If you read any of these and thought “Wow, that sounds like me”– especially if it was just a little whisper at the back of your head secretly admitting it to yourself but openly denying it to others — then the Kasdeya rite certainly isn’t for you (or me, for that matter).

It’s not something to be taken lightly. Do it for the right reasons. Admit to yourself if you aren’t ready. If you realize you aren’t and it disappoints you, feel free to look back to this article and know you’re not the only one who isn’t ready. There’s no rush to do Kasdeya so there’s no shame in going at your own pace.

If you’re interested in watching S. Connolly’s Youtube video on the topic, you can find it here

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