Lucifer: Magick for New Beginnings

I hope you all had a beautiful Rite to Lucifer at the Spring Equinox. I wasn’t sure what kind of article I should write this month, and hence the reason everything from my article to my newsletter is late. But then you don’t want me in your inbox every other day giving you crazy ideas, right?

Spring is a great time to do your magickal housecleaning chores like banishing negativity, reinforcing wards, and cleaning and blessing altars and tools. But it’s also a great time for Magick for New Beginnings. With the assistance of Lucifer, of course. Lucifer can bring new perspectives, enlightening insight, and even creative inspiration when coupled with more fiery/watery spirits.

So, if you’re looking for a fresh start or feeling stuck – read on to discover some magick that can help you manifest your desires and create new beginnings. Through these simple, yet powerful simple workings of magick, you can tap into the natural divine energies to open up a world of opportunity.

Drawing New Opportunities

Magick for new beginnings can help you to draw new opportunities into your life by helping you to make the conscious decision to open yourself up to new possibilities in any area of your life. It can help take your career or personal life in the direction you have been dreaming of. Whether you are looking for a lucky break, a way to gain recognition, or just a bit of fitness and luck in your favor, spells for opportunity are effective tools that can bring an abundance of potential into your reality.

We all know that the key to magick lies in intent. So, before casting any spell or doing any magickal work, it is important to focus on exactly what outcome you would like as this will determine the kind of energy you’re putting into your ritual. While knowing the exact type of opportunity you want will make the magick manifest more quickly, in this instance it may behoove you to keep an open mind about which opportunities will come your way.

As I discuss in The Art of Creative Magick, you can create your own spells and rituals rather easily by using visualization and correspondences, such as the type of incense, oil/oleum, or herbs associated with the spirits you’re working with that also correspond with the types of opportunities you’re seeking to help amplify the influence during the work. But just in case you don’t want to take the time to create your own spell or ritual, I’ve created one for you here:

Lucifer Opportunity Draw

Take a piece of clear or smokey quartz into the temple with you. Invoke Lucifer through vibration until the energy in the room changes. Hold the crystal between your palms. Visualize the seal of Lucifer. Then say this (or the equivalent):

Lucifer, bring me opportunities for [insert any specifics], as well as opportunities I may have overlooked or missed. Help me open my mind and perspective. Enlighten me to what paths are available to me.

Now visualize the energy of Lucifer filling the piece of quartz until it feels strong. Thank the Daemon, and carry the quartz with you. Yes, it can be a pendant you wear.

Start a New Project

With Lucifer and spring, how about preparing yourself to start a new project or journey? It can help to work magick for inspiration and guidance. This type of magick encourages connection with the divine and finding joy in the work. It can also help to clear the mental pathways of resistance and open the mind up to creativity and fresh ideas. You can also work with multiple spirits with fire/water energy to drive additional inspiration.

Bring Inspiration & Guidance

This is really simple. While sitting in your studio or office, invoke Lucifer by intoning his Enn: Renich tasa uberace biasa icar Lucifer

until the energy in the room changes. You are also welcome to use your own invocation. Then simply state what you want to manifest, putting intent behind each word.

For example, if you’re starting on a creative project, try affirming “I am creative and new ideas flow freely from me.” Alternatively, if you’re starting something business-related, say “I have the drive and dedication needed to complete this project.” Take a deep breath – throw that intention out into the world and state very clearly, “By Lucifer, it is done.” You may feel a rush of energy or power as you say this, and this is good. Now, get on with your work! But in chair, hands on keyboard. Paint on canvas. You and your musical instrument in studio – etc… Basically, follow through and do your work! Inspiration will come.

Launch Something New

Maybe you don’t need opportunity or inspiration. Maybe you’ve already done the thing or created the art and now you’re ready to launch it. You want all eyes on the project. Remember that this kind of magick, depending on the spirits you work with, can also attract haters – so plan for that.

But if you’re ready for everyone to start paying attention for a successful launch, try this on for size:

Lucifer’s Launch Plan

You’re going to need a physical copy or representation of thing you’re launching. You’ll need the sigil of Lucifer. You’ll need some Lucifer Oleum.

Invoke Lucifer into the ritual space. Anoint a physical copy of the thing, even if it’s just a piece of paper with your project logo or branding on it, with the Oleum of Lucifer. Visualize and direct energy toward creating an abundance of buyers, customers, viewers, etc. Visualize buyers, clients and customers coming to you. Then say, “By Lucifer, it is done.”

You can also add Sorath to this ritual work, but remember that while Sorath shines a bright spot of sunlight onto anything, you can get burnt.

Enjoy your spring magickal work, and may Lucifer light your way!

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  1. Ahva

    Thank you!!! This comes at the perfect time, I have been thinking so much about starting a side business.

  2. Artemisia

    Greetings, and thank you for this!Despite being a LHP Witch for almost 3 decades,I still get stuck when brainstorming ideas. That effects my follow through. I’m going to give a few things a try,and I love seasonal daemonic Workings. Along with enns!
    Thanks very much- Artemisia

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